telephone system

I found a company that will do IP telephones,
looking for the downfall…this is what they told me, I will get a web address later
the logist of it is…I get 4 lines and transfer my numbers, it all goes through internret…IF INTERNET EVER GOES DOWN it reroutes through company cell phone.
best thing is that there is NO monthly telephone bill…the whole set up with tech support is 2000.00
my telephone bill currantly runs 198.00 It looks like I would break even within 10 months.
since we already have interntet we have no extra charges
anyone have any experience
feedback needed meeting monday

I would keep 1 landline just in case. Also think about how many calls may end up going to the cell. It could be costly if the net goes down for any length of time.

I find it hard to believe the “no monthly phone bill” part of it. It seems like some kind of VOIP service. They run about $25 mo. 2 lines, plus dsl.
$2000 setup is way too much. The VOIPs and phone gadgettes are fairly easy to setup. Though, I still have to find one with four lines.
I wouldn’t worry too much about internet being down. I, with millions using voip haven’t had many problems in years.

Idea sounds great but I would be fearful. Internet “does” go down. So, if it does, all four lines get rerouted to just one cell phone?

I’ve had sunrocket at home for 2 years. Got an email last week saying “Sorry we’re Closed” basically. I prepaid $200 per year for unlimited calling about 6 mos back. So I’m out the $100, but they attached a link with “Recommended” Providers. Moral to the story–be careful, at home I don’t care if service is weak, I use my cell. But at the store? I’m partial to landlines, but who knows oneday.Do your homework and you’ll be fine.

VOIP telephones work great, but you should think of them as another way to do what you are already doing.

VOIP systems digitize your voice and send it over a computer network, in this case the Internet. To talk to someone on the other end, you need another VOIP system, a computer, or a way to connect the data you sent to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This connection to the PSTN is what lets you talk to someone on a standard telephone. You can’t get a connection to the telephone network for free from anyone.

VOIP will usually save you money, but you won’t get phone service for free.

Well said Jeff! we need to find a voip system that works for a pizza store and saves significant money over the regular phone system. Until then, I would stay with traditional phone line.

Be careful as well with the local area phone codes. Even if you get a local number for your VOIP, local people will still need to dial the local area code to call you. That might put some customers off from calling you (they think because they are local they don’t need the code so can’t understand why they can’t get through to you, they might also worry that it is a higher cost call etc.).

I don’t think VOIP is ready for commercial businesses that have local callers.

All of this area code stuff is a non-issue in metro-Atlanta . . . something like a hundred mile radius now. We have been dialing 10 digits for calls for over a decade . . . maybe two.

VOIP may still need some adjustments to be ideal for pizza delco, but it is closer to useful in metropolitan areas with multiple area codes already in place.

I’ve got Vonage VOIP @ the house…thought I’d consider it for the new location, as they already have wireless internet…

Vonage has a business price & can replicate a roll-over service…

Not much cheaper than a 2nd tier telco charges…

problem - my credit card machine won’t work over VOIP…

so it was a no-go choice 4 me…

everyone must dial aa area code?