Telephone Systems

Hello all,

There’s been a few members mention different strategies on telephone systems & usage. I’d like the experts to consider our current set-up and give some advice and/or recommendations on how to improve:

We have 4 land lines and 1 in the sky. A 4 line sm-biz panasonic system with 3 wireless handsets. Its worked pretty well, in that each handset can handle all 4 lines, ie place on hold, answer, etc… It also gives me a phone for each station.

Is there a better system to consider? A call to the telco last year ended in them trying to sell me a $8K system (too much in my book).

Thanks in advance.

My opinion (as a former business telephone serviceman) is you need at least as many places to answer the phone as you have lines to answer. Generally a business will have 20% more places to answer the phones than incoming lines.

If you are happy with what you have I would not spend $8k just out of wanting newer technology.

I used to use the 4 line phones that I could buy at Office Depot. Never seemed to get them to last for over 12 months. Even purchased the extended warranty once only to have it not repaired or replaced when I brought it in not working. It was costing be well over $500 per year just to try to maintain 4 four line stations. Finally when I needed another line on my rollover service, I spent about $3000 on an Avaya phone system including installation. Four years later I have replaced one phone at a cost of $175. No exterior caller ID boxes cluttering up my counter and needing replacing ect. Definitely a good investment for me. I wouldn’t be looking to your local telephone provider to install a phone system, your phone book should have plenty of listings of telephone system contractors.

Paul, thanks - you’ve touched on my potential problem. I’ve had the system ($500) for over 2 years, and I’m worried its going to fail. But, the price quoted by big daddy BELL seems way too high.

I also have an Avaya system that we have had for years. They are very durable and dependable.

We contacted a local telecom guy who was able to provide us with 3 unit Avaya system for about $2K…I think we were quoted approx $5K with the big boys. It was a great investment for us…the sound quality was incredibly better …shop around locally and I am sure you can find somebody especially these days

We’ve had our AT&T 974 phones for 3 years and have never had any type of problem with them, they have 4 phone lines and intercom, conference and all the good stuff.

I also have an Avaya system, and it works well. We just bought it about 2 months ago. We had an old AT&T Merlin system and updated because of no caller ID and the cost to replace amplified handsets was crazy.

I bought my system from

Give them a try,


Has anyone integrated analog and voip? If I find the ‘right’ SIPs (soft ip phones) with 2 analog lines, and it works correctly, I could drop 2 other analog lines. Any thoughts or suggestions? ISFA a similar 4 or 6 line system? TIA.