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We are a franchise and were originally set up to have all phone orders go directly to a call center via an 800 number. So we were set up with a basic, two-line phone system, fax line and dsl.

The call center turned out to be a disaster. Two years ago we were given permission to use our own number and have customers call us directly. Now that we’ve built our business back up we’re encountering a problem. We need more lines and we need better quality phones than the Radio Shack kind we have.

So now we’re in the market for a quality, low cost(oxymoron?) phone system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Fidelity was setup at Vegas they had a special for about $1,000 4 phones there ph#800-683-5600

You could go the refurbished route and save some major $$$. is one example. I got a system with 4 sets that can have up to 6 lines and 12 sets for $500.

If you’re adding extra phone lines, I recommend getting magic jacks. I just switched my extra line to that and am saving about $500/year.

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I have a small multi-store DELCO operation and am testing the introduction of a call center for our stores (presently testing with only one store to see impact/cost/problems). When you’ve got a minute, please let me know where you had problems with your call center set-up.

  1. Was it a problem from the CC’s operational end (ie the CC wasn’t doing its job [long response times/no upselling/etc];
  2. Was it a technology issue [ie slow or no transfer of orders between CC & your store(s)]; or
  3. Was it a customer relations problem [client calls back to inquire about order and CC doesn’t have operational information].

If you had been setting up the CCs system what would you have done differently?

Thanks, Jerry

We made the switch to a virtual pbx - costs us $35/mo…plus internet account…not for everyone tho…simple/easy to use…have 2 lines via internet & cell as 3rd or back-up…features an auto-attendant…can add more lines if we choose for another $35 or just use shift leader cells 4 back-up…some challenges in 1st install, mostly my fault…you can xfer your tele your # to them…

I sent you a PM with info. Did you receive it?

Sorry to bump an older thread, but I’m trying to determine if I need a phone system or not. I’m opening in a month or less. I have 2 lines installed now. We are going to have delivery about 30-60 days from our opening. I don’t really know how many lines we will need BUT I do have an evoice (virtual pbx account) that could easily forward my calls to an emergency cell number if necessary.

  1. I have about 100 seats including the bar (20 stools, 80 chairs). Do you think that, with delivery, I’ll need 3 (or more) regular lines?
    2 Is there any reason I can’t use a 2 or 3 line wireless phone system like the Uniden True 9380 or equivalent? Right now I anticipate 90% of my calls being answered in the Bar. What is the advantage of a true “phone system” besides the ability to add and manage 4+ lines?

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Cuezze
Opening February 1, 2010


Tks, I’m STILL looking for a good way to move up and cut $$s at the same time.


I think the biggest advantage to a true phone system is the ability to answer any line at any phone. In this way, you can pick up line one and take an order at the bar or at the wait station or in the office. And most digital phone systems you buy now have an on-hold message built into them along with the ability to access other calling data.

I just purchased a new ESI phone system to replace my very outdated Nortel. I’m having this new one tied directly into my POS system so that when an employee picks up a receiver the computer detects it, knows which line it was and imports the caller ID information directly into that station. No more wrong numbers! I can’t wait for the install.


How has your new system worked out? What POS are you using? What were your startup and monthly costs?

I really need to find a better system for my 2 phone lines and back up cell (mainly for my drivers to carry if they don’t like using their own). I’d also like the ability to have my cell ring during busy times if I need to.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of moving my main number to the cell phone and have it forwarded to a Google Voice number that would have the other lines both ring and and really easy to add my cell number when I want to.