Tell me something about a proofer.

What temps? How long will a skin last in a proofer and still maintain quality? Good brand for proofer? Just any info in general. Thanks so much.

In my experience they are not needed. Make your dought the day before you are going to use it. Cool it as quickly as possble after you make it by cross stacking the trays in your walk-in. If you get your dough recipe dialed, your will be albe to use the dough the day you make it if you need to, the following day (best) or the day after. That allows you to have a buffer of dough inventory that will prevent you from running out (the dough you prepped that day) and avoids waste by giving you a good shelf life for dough. If your prep is too much one day, you cut back the next and you are fine, if your prep is too light you have the buffer of the next day’s dough already made.

As far as I know none of our clients use proofers in their dough preparation.

Proofers are used, for example, in bread preperation to make the product rise and become light and airy. Not what is usually wanted in pizza preperation.

Pizza shops often let dough rise, to some extent, by simply letting dough set out at room temperature. Deep dish pizzas are often proofed in the pan by setting out at room temperature in order to provide a thicker crust. I think this is quite common knowledge in the industry.

We do have many accounts that use proofers as warming cabinets to hold baked pizzas at temperature prior to pickup or waiting to send out for delivery. Proofers work very well in that capacity.

George Mills

That’s what I’m talking about. I’ve heard them referred to as warming cabinets and as proofers. Just seeking some clarity. Would that be a good thing for a new shop opening up. Or would it be a big expense without much return or benefit.

Picked my used Alto-Shaam unit up for about $800, and it paid for itself, literally, inside 6 months. We had a transition in sales levels, and were having trouble estimating dough needs day to day. We ran low on thawed dough balls three Fridays inside 2 months. A little time in ye olde warming cabinet, and we had dough ready to use within an hour. The added sales from the now-thawed dough more than paid for the unit, which we also use to hold cooked food prior to service or delivery.

PS No service required since purchase 3 years ago. Just bought the shelf racks and shelves.

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