Temp Controler help

I have a ps360 M/M pizza oven. Sometimes the oven will shut down on its own, and after its cools down it can be turned on again and get back up to temp ok. This might only happen once a week or so. The temp controler (30-A-01-5038) has a C/D (cool down) active red light that is on all the time. Not sure what is wrong.
Second, the conveyor time was set at 05:55, but an error code came up on the counter and I turned off the conveyor and now I had to change the time to 01:00 to get it to run at 5:55 mins again. Any help?

Could be a bunch of things. Probably two separate issues but could be a wiring issue. How old is the oven? Do the issues happen at the same time or different times? Off hand with out seeing it, conveyor could be the pickup or it could be the speed control (do you get an error number?, Is it a factory speed control?).
Common things that will shut it down, but come back up when it cools: Centrifugal switch, time delay relay, temp controller, thermocouple, blower motor, spark controller. Really depends on your knowledge and mechanical abilities. I am by no means an expert other than out of necessity, but I have replaced everything there is to replace at one time or another. Multimeter and some time checking it when you are having the issue. I’m not too familiar with that temp controller, I have always used the honeywell/middleby ones.

Thanks MrHowie for your help.
I reset the speed controler, set it to 8, (found reset directions on speed controler front cover)and now its back working at 5:55, so far so good. Never had any codes, just ERRO. But what I am not sure about is the c/d (cool down) active light, it will come on at 178 and stay on untill the oven is turned off and cools back down to 178. Never notice this untill the oven shut down.

Have you checked to make sure all of your cooling fans, especially the ones on the back of the oven are working? They look like computer case fans. They help keep the temp controller and conveyor controllers cool. If those controllers get too hot, they start to do funny things…

Yea sounds like cooling fans are plugged with dirt.
This makes the thermal over load on the blowers kick on shutting them down

Thats the 1st thing i would check for sure. This has happened to me a few times
When you say shutting down are the blowers turning off or is the burner shutting off?

I always overlook those when troubleshooting with someone. But i do have a box of them. They are often neglected and caked with dust and they certainly will cause problems.

Lots of good answers from very knowledgeable operators.

Sorry I have nothing to add.

George Mills