Temporary Oven Fix: How Bad Of An Idea Is This?

Using a MM PS250 that recently became very noisy. At first I thought it was the blower motor, then George told me how to lube the oven properly and that helped for a couple days. Then the oven became VERY noisy and I’m pretty sure the bearings are bad on the drive shaft. This is on the end the pizza exits on. With a small kitchen that is partially open to the restaurant, it was so loud and somewhat shrill that it was driving off customers and was pretty hard on my employees.

I removed the belt on that blower and reduced my conveyor speed slightly, so I’m just using one blower and it is so much better. Hoping to be able to do this for a couple days while I locate parts. How bad of an idea is this?

On a 1-10 scale:
3 - Now, with just one blower running.
6 - Up until a week ago (which tells me it was probably bad before we even bought the place last year)
10 - The last few days until I removed the belt tonight.

Also, where it the world can I find parts for a MM PS250? A little time on the internet tonight has not turned up anything.

I’m all for fixing our equipment but sometimes I think it is good to call a repairman. Your oven is the life line for your biz and going into the weekend with a oven problem would be scary for me. I would call a repairman.

Have a good repairman take a look at the oven, I don’t think Middleby Marshall supports the old 250’s anymore, so parts may need to be secured from a company like Mc Master Carr or Granger. George (Mills) what’s your read on this?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Guys:

The bearing in question is not unique to MM. Look in your yellow pages under bearings.

Most companies that sell bearings should have that item.

I regret I do not know the generic description of the bearing.

The bearing company may know what you want if you tell them it is for a MM PS250

George Mills

speaking as an automotive parts guy…I’d bet it’s going to be a std. sized “lock collar” bearing for a pillow block. If you took a measure of the shaft size you should be able to pick it up at any decent parts store or ag store.

are you 100 percent sure thats where it was coming from because I had the same problem it turned out to be a 22.00 axel fan near the blower