terrible tuesdays

would appreciate some ideas to lift my sales on tuesdays ?..i do a beat the clock on mondays , which works very well to get customers in the door . i dont wanna cheapen my product 2 nights in a row though … thanks for any ideas …

how about 2 for Tuesday 2 large 2 topping and 2 orders of sticks choice sweet, bread, or Cheese for $22.22

If you have dine in, try making Tuesday “Family Night” - make a special dessert included with every meal, doesn’t have to be spendy - dessert knots would be fine. Have several different games & activities for different age groups of kids. If you’ve got cable, you ought to be able to find a decent family movie (I’d say rent a family DVD, but that could get you in trouble. Just be creative. It may never be a huge night for you, but doing something like this ought to help Tuesdays, and really could raise awareness for the other days.

Tuesday is the only day of the week that I match the big boys…$10 tuesday is popular for me…ANY large pizza for $10

We had a lot of discussion week before last during our annual pizza seminar on this very topic. As already mentioned, bundling seems to be the way to go. By doing this you don’t reduce the perceived value of your pizza to your customers as you might with a 2-Fer offer. We discussed offering a free order of breadsticks or dessert breadsticks with any medium or large pizza (a $2-3.00 value for $0.25 your cost); a free dessert pizza with any dine in large pizza; A free pitcher of soft drink with any dine in medium or large pizza; or offer a “special” on that slow night, such Pizza Primavera (hand tossed crust with fresh tomato or tomato filets instead of sauce, hand torn pieces of Mozzarella cheese (order a couple blocks of your regular cheese and hand tear rather than shred or dice) finish with an assortment of fresh vegetable toppings; or offer a special seafood pizza consisting of your regular dough/crust but with Alfredo sauce instead of pizza sauce, sprinkle with dill weed, top with popcorn shrimp, firm flesh fish, clams, or some other type of seafood that strikes your fancy, keep in mind that these “specials” don’t need to be priced with your regular pizzas, they can be priced higher, after all, they are “special”, and only available on Tuesday night. If you don’t offer deep-dish pizzas you can add these to your Tuesday night dine in menu, just be sure to indicate availability subject to the dough we have on hand. This way you can easily plan your deep-dish pizza needs by making only so many pans of deep-dish dough exclusivelt for Tuesday night, then change things around on Tuesday nights to keep them fresh.
Just some ideas that might work for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Lately I have favored promoting carryout orders for things like this. Even though we have a delivery charge of $2.50 our actual cost per delivery is over $4.00 (driver wages plus all vehicle related costs including insurance divided by number of deliveries) which means I have a bit more $$ to work with on a carryout promo.

With a C/O promo that generates 20 orders to a given day I do not need to add a cook to get it made since it is a slow night and I do not not need to add a driver which I would have to if the additional orders were for delivery during dinner.


$20 pizza for delivery with a typical coupon costs the customer $25 after delivery charge, tax and tip. The same pizza with a more agressive coupon costs the customer $17 (If they do not put anything in the tip jar) and we come out ahead.