Test cooking dough

Is there a way to cook dough with out having to make a full pizza. I still have not gotten my dough right and I want to play with different measurements but really don’t want to wast sauce and cheese. Yes Im only making one change at a time and logging what I’m doing. so if there’s a way can some one let me know.

Thanks again for all the help

DB (Mike)

I know it’s an expense and a waste at times but the cheese and sauce will have a great effect on how your dough bakes. If you want to know what the finished product will look and taste like, you really need to bake a complete pizza. I would also start experimenting with different toppings once you think you have it figured out. The moisture in the veggies and the oil in the meats can make significant changes to the finished product as far as how long the crust stays crispy and if you will have pooling of oil or moisture on top of the cheese or if it soaks through and causes a gum line to form. Like they say…practice makes perfect. Good luck. :smiley:


       Thanks guess I just bite the bullet its not like I didn't know this was going to cost :(  

I am almost there one day we had the perfect dough and crust that back when I was doing volume instead of bakers %.
but since that day I cant repeat it. I am going to go though bit by bit and make 1000 batches if I have to.

Thanks again for your time


The other thing that really can throw a curve at everything is that just when you think you have the perfect dough…you make a full size batch and find out you are sitting with 80 pounds of dough that sucks. Something that Tom Lehmann really talks about a lot is the temp of the dough when you are finish mixing. It is very important to consider and take into consideration as is the time the dough sits out and stays in the cooler. Not that I am trying to make things sound worse…just be ready to adjust things a few more times after you think you have it right. Good luck.