"test email" from TEST FORUM123

Has anyone else received this email?

test mail

If you’d rather not receive future emails from the forum administrator unsubscribe here.

If you have, it is safest to simply delete it and NOT click on the link.

I just actually got one in my inbox as I read your post. What is it and where is it from ???

A couple years ago when we were deciding which new forum software to go with we were looking at using Website Toolbox. We did a test to see if they could move our data successfully over to their software without losing threads/profile info, etc and it worked but we ended up using someone else (xenforo) and website toolbox never deleted the test forum.

MAYBE they are trying to do that now. But there is always a risk it could be a phishing scam so as much as I hate to admit this is our fault you are getting strange emails to your email address, I wanted to warn you guys just in case.

I just requested no more at bottom of email so I wouldn’t get any more emails lol

This email is from the same place as the one from Sept 2014.

Here is Steve Green’s post.

Apparently Website Toolbox cannot be trusted to follow through.

I have not received anything.

I have not received anything either.

I did get one but deleted it as soon as I saw who the link was associated with.