Text Blast Redemption rates

I have been using a text blast company for a year now and feel as if it is almost a lost cause. I just did a blast tonight and only received a redemption rating of 2.4%. What rates do you guys get with your text blast program?

I do not do texts, different type of demographic for my area. But i would not expect anything above 5% imo.

Even at 2.4% if may still be worthwhile…What does the service cost you versus the sales generated?..Are you gaining new clients for your POS database?..Sometimes in the short term things do not look good but over the long run it may work out okay…

text blasts are akin to generic direct mail…just because send a text does not mean they need a pizza…best use of text is to do it on your own…new customers should get a thank you text the next day, period…its a whole new ball game when you 1st thank them for your business…next, go thru your data base, and thank all of your past customers for their business & support…whenever you blast, just do 100/day…now go to your none order customers past 90 days…send them a free cheezey bread deal…no purchase required…that is a good start




[SIZE=4][B]“For every $25 we spend a week on sms marketing, we average anywhere from $1000-$1600 in sales” Pizza Tower



Your results when using a sms marketing program will be based on many factors, including =

  1. The size of your sms list.
    2 The type of message and/or offer you are sending [bogo, percentage off, free item, new item, contest entry,etc].
  2. The quality of the message itself [plain text vs. a mobile coupon].

There are ways that you can generate very good roi using a sms marketing program and never offer a discounted-bogo-free item along the way!

One such way is to promote an event night tied in with a local charity.

I have had excellent results, with several of my Pizzeria, I agree with the above comments. There is no standard redemption rate. You have to figure out what has resulted the best by tracking. First, make sure you have a dedicated POS key. Next, I have had clients with 150% redemption rate on a Monday night. You may want to try re-promoting with a fresh and exciting NEW VIP Club.
Add pictures, send out texts saying first 10 people in the door in the next hour get a free tshirt… Promote to your offices who order regularly. Do you have a local rep who is supposed to help you with this?

ALSO, it is the only media where you can be sure your ad is seen by almost 100%. That has value, just getting in people’s heads. https://www.facebook.com/sentextNE/photos/a.1483645845265727.1073741828.1483102631986715/1576300919333552/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/sentextNE/photos/a.1483645845265727.1073741828.1483102631986715/1576300919333552/?type=3&theater

Always sounds amazing coming from the people soliciting their services…

@shannon, check your PMs. I sent you a message some time ago.

Well I am sure you think your pizza is amazing too! I happen to take pride in my success, I am sorry If that offends you. I own my own business just like you. I earn a living to support my family. I am not a con artist. Sometimes it may be the company or person you are working with, when you are not getting the results you want. Since I have been involved in working with thousands of all kinds of businesses, for over 12 years in digital marketing, and am an Entrepreneur myself, I take pride in helping my customers succeed. You solicit pizza to your customers, I offer a solution to help you communicate with your customers. We are equals, and that comes off as very condescending for you to say. If you only wanted negative feedback… I am sorry I interrupted that. Wish you the best in your endeavors!

Woah… Take a deep breath… Relax… I wasn’t offended. I just think that it’s silly hyping things like 150% redemption rates when in reality redemption rates don’t mean very much without knowing the actual text message that generated it. I could easily break all redemption rate records and claim a 5000% redemption if I send out a text message saying “$1,000 bucks to all customers who come in today.” But all that gets me is a 5000% redemption rate claim and a trip to the poor house.

ROI is what we’re looking for here. Even to the OP, just because your redemption is low, doesn’t mean it’s not generating money. For example, the redemption rate on real estate mailers are terrible in theory, but they generate a huge amount of ROI when someone lands a sale on a half a million dollar house with a 35 cent mailer.

I thank you for that. I have an aversion to the stigma of being shady a sales person. He had 43 members, and the offer was a $10.99 large one topping pizza pick up only, 60 people came in and spent over $600, so rounding its very close to 150%, his monthly cost is $99 for unlimited messaging. Since then he has grown his list to several hundreds and sends offers out about 3 times per week. Does that help? If you have 1000 people on your list, you send a text out and just 10% respond, spending $10.00, that is &1000 form one text minus food cost of course. Our cost is 99.00 month for unlimited messages, keywords, signage design and personal consultation. My min goal is for you to get 10% of your traffic to sign up ASAP. Even being able to get in their heads right before the big game with a special offer or new combo is a great idea. Linking to your online ordering, asking your customers to review you with a link, text to vote on your favorite pizza or wing … all this can be done. Birthday club, text to win at festivals and events, A lot of added benefits.

Your program is only $99 a month?

Yes that is our most popular package, we do have a one time set up fee. We design signage and set up your dashboard, also coach you on how to promote. I have a package right now for PMQ members, Half off the one time set up fee, normally $299, 500 handouts full color glossy delivered to your business, facebook ad design, facebook wallpaper design, and website banner design, First month free, per location. If you have 2 or more locations I can give additional incentives. This comes with unlimited keywords, members and messages (up to 20,000/month) per location. We also have corporate pricing for over 20 locations. If you are currently working with another company, I will give you a strategy to change your members over that has worked well for other clients. This is valid until 9/30/2o16. You also get a free month for any business you refer to us. Basically you can get started for $150.00 and be running in 2 weeks.

I would be willing to give this a go and, if OK with you, I will post blow by blow comments and results on the TT. sign ups, number and content of offers, rate of use on offers etc.

We are in a town with a year round population of about 12K and we have nearly 3000 FB fans and similar number of email addresses as platform to build from.

Yes I have a marketing plan to follow and we can work together on that I am happy to do so. Thank You