Thank you Mailshark

I haven’t posted in a while , but I started with mail shark a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results so far!

Hey Rob, just curious, are doing the Mail Shark weekly mailing program? I am considering doing it.


Yes. The 1000 pieces per week.

Rob thank you very much for the positive feedback, our team really appreciates it.

I am considering this right now. What points would you divulge, that could help me with the decision? I am curious to as to what the response rate you are seeing, and in what type/size of market. I was thinking of starting with the lowest one, to test the waters a bit.

I started mailshark about 2 years ago. 500 pieces a week. I see a little over 3% return. Also do new movers program. I have done a few other small promotions but my other thing my customers love is our stamp cards. We give a stamp for each 5$ spent. After 10 stamps we give them 5$ off their next order. We niw are receiving cards back at about 3-4% of sales. In 2 years have gone from 4000/wk to 6700/week and still growing little bit at a time. Finally feeling comfortable about sales.

just curious what do ya pay for 1000 pieces a week?

Hi Tguag & Redstar, if you are interested in speaking with me face to face I will be out at the Pizza Expo next week if you are going. Below is a map of where our booth is located.

Pizza Expo Map 03 14.jpg

i wont be there

I won’t be able to make it out, either. But, I am in contact with your company.

My trade area is about a 2 mile radius. I am only mailing to a radius of about 1 mile. Sales are great , and I’m giving real good delivery times. No one is waiting more then 30 minutes.

The key is consistency. I may jump to 1500 per week down the road.