thanks for all the help but calling it quits.

pulled the plug this past thursday our area is just gettin hit to hard to keep the doors open sold all my pizza stuff on ebay package deal to some folks out of ky. there happy im happy keeping all my bbq stuff will be puttin together a bbq trailer this spring right now gonna focus on new project we have going on and spending time with family… truly thankful of all the info from you guys and hope you guys have good holiday season and prospers new year.

sincerly rick whiting.

Best wishes on the future! I am sure it was a hard decision and took courage to make. Gotta know when to move on to something else.

wow…sorry to hear that Rick, I’ve enjoyed reading your input over the last several months I’ve been lurking around on the board. Enjoy your family and spend all that extra time with them! Good luck on moving back into the Q more full time…I LOVE my Que!

Good Luck pizzabarntn

George Mills