Thanks for all you ideas

Just a note of thanks for all you guys and ladies who have posted ideas for promotions etc.

Tomorrow (Saturday) the shopping centre where our shop is located is having a “Family Fun Day” with a Bart Simpson character, free face painting, rides, and other activities.

We are participating witha small stand in the mall and are doing a couple of promotions which hopefully will work for us.

  1. Junior Dough Tossing competition (under 10 years)   If they can throw and spin the dough they get a "Junior Dough Tossing Champion" certificate and a free small (10") pizza.
      Hopefully this should generate some fun and interest.
  2. We are holding a free raffle to win a Pizza Party. The prize is package valued at $100 with pizzas, garlic breads, seasoned potato wedges with sour cream and soft drink (soda), delivered free to their house or venue (within our delivery area). The entry forms will be used to set up a customer / mailing data base for our soon to be installed POS.

  3. We are also giving out a number of postcards for:  
     *     "Free Pizza"  -  a small (10") available Mon - Wed shop pick up.
     *     "Half Price Pizza"  only a range of Large (13") menu based pizzas  -  Mon - Wed  Shop pick up.
  4.  A letter style brochure ( including a fridge magnet and menu) with a brief about our store, quality of product and pushing we are an family independent store with [i]bigger, fresher and tastier pizzas [/i] (or marketing statement on our menus) than the chains.   There are 3 cut out coupons at the bottom of the page with a 
    • “More on Monday” deal where they order a Family size pizza (15") and get a small (10") pizza Free
    • “Tightwad Tuesday” (wanted to say Tightarse Tuesday but it is a family day :lol: ) where they get a free upgrade from 2 x large (13") pizzas to Family size (15")
    • “Wacky Wednesady” with a package of 1 small 10" pizza, 1 set of BBQ Ribs or Wedges, 1 x Garlic Bread and 1 x 1.25lt Drink for $19.90 (about a $5 saving).
      All are shop pick up only and cannot be used with any other deals we have.

Plus we are doing taste samples of our pizzas in the mall during the day.

Hopefully these activities can generate extra sales and new customers for us.

February is a traditionally quiet time for us after the Christmas credit card payments come in and the Back to school after the 8 weeks summer holiday break. Plus it is bloody hot with average temperatures up around the 85 -100 Fh.

Estimated total cost including printing will be around $250 plus a little of my and my wife’s time.

It will be intresting to see how the coupons work as only the chains do them and no Independents, so this is new territory for us and hopefully will be the catalyst for more sales and customers.

A lot of these ideas are adapted or directly copied from what you people have posted and I thank you for the info.

Regards and thanks to you all

Love the junior dough tossing idea! We have a couple “pro dough” discs that we can use for them to toss. HECK! We may even be able to do some demos of our guys tossing the real stuff, too.

Are you having the kids throw actual dough? T-shirts are cool deal, too.

Yeah, we’re making up some very small balls and rolling them out. for the ids to throw.

I will be spinning dough at the stand to draw attention to it and then invite kids to try.

For a laugh I may try and get some young mothers to try as well :lol:

Well the day went off really good and the kids had a ball trying to throw the dough. Funny one of the best was a boy about six who tossed it high with a great rotation. Offerred him a job on the spot :smiley:

Unfortunately the day was really hot - about 100 Fh - and as the mall was really packed the air-conditioning wasn’t working real well. This played havoc with the dough and made it stretch right out. None the less we worked around it and had some real fun.

It was great to toss the dough 20ft up and not hit the ceiling :smiley: You should have seen how far it spun out, a 10" to 18" in one spin.

Got a good response with our Win a Pizza Party free raffle so we can expect to add quite a few names to our data base.

The only down point was the bad manners of some people with our tasting sampling. We cut our 10’ pizzas into 1" wide slices. Some people just grabbed handfulls of the bits instead of just taking 1 at a time. Still got a lot of people who haven’t been to us before trying and giving very positive comments on the quality and taste. Funny, even had some PH and Dominos customers say they would never go back there after tasting ours. Had 2 come in tonight to buy for the first time, plus kids cashing in their “Junior Dough Tossing Champion” certificate for their free pizza (of course Mum and Dad bought a pizza or two for themselves while they were getting the kids free one).

All in all a very good excerise in community involvement and will do it again.

The kids loved it and the parents thought it a hoot seeing the kids trying to toss the dough. Even clowned around myself by tossing one so much that it became transparent, then making sure my hand went right through it when I caught it.