Thanksgiving Eve 2009

How did everyone’s day/night plan out. As most of you know, it is one of the biggest pizza days of the year. Is this true for you or was it a bust?

For us it is usually the same as a friday. So, for a wed it is great, but not one of our top five days of the year.

same as a friday forgot to schedule just me, a cook, wife, and a waitress crazy

busy like a friday.

it was like friday

Busiest day ever (50+ years!)!!! Ran out of everything right before closing time. Black Friday should be the same as today was for us. Its gonna be crazy!

Nothing special for me as half my customers(college students) left town last night and today. Friday dayshift will be great as we have many of the retailers ordering pizza to feed their staff.

lunch sucked but early dinner rush started and it turned out like a Friday…I knew there were going to be alot of deliveries, but the dining room was busy as well…staffed a couple extra but thankfully some of our college kids stopped in and I put them to work…gotta go in early for a catering order to feed the night crew for Black/Green Friday.
Happy Thanksgiving All!

Last year I was really disappointed with the low sales, but it was our first couple months of taking over a run down, Mom 'N Pop shop, so I thought maybe my expectations were to high.

We were up 322% this year over last year, and had passed my sales for last Friday by 6 o’clock. Had to close 45 minutes early because we were out of everything. Black Friday was terrible for us last year, so now I don’t know what to expect, I’m afraid I might be understaffed.

Mine was down almost 50% over last yrs numbers…Lunch was dead & the night was not much better. Hope this is not a sign of things to come in December.

Up 250% from last year, just finished Friday up 110% from last year. Yes, last year was our first but I’m extremely happy and owe a lot to this board. Thanks everyone.

522lbs of dough later…lol we just set another record. I am so exhausted.

Agreed! I owe so much to this board too. We were up about 150% over last year when I left tonight around 7:30.

HBO - I think I’m adding you to my list of “business destinations” for when I get to take off for a few days with the family. Love those tax write offs.

Your more than welcome as is everyone else, like I said in another post somewhere. I think there is a large enough core group of owners here that maybe we can organize some sort of convention/seminar, but with all the forward thinking and innovative ideas we can come up with something even better! This is just the beginning, I’m rolling out new pizzas, a new crust and even my version of Chicago stuffed and deep dish in January, I can’t wait! Keep it up everyone. It’s a strong statement that we can all create our own economic stimulus through experience and hard work.


There just are not enough tourists in town for Thanksgiving for it to be a big event for us. Wed night before Thanksgiving is like one poster said above… about like a Friday for this time of year.

I like the idea of a forum store-owner gathering of some kind and would try to attend if it fit the calendar. The big pizza show conventions have never been at a time and place that works for me to be out of town.

we did twice the amount we normally do on a typical wednesday, but because the business was spread out it did not feel like it was that busy. Overall a good night.

It was like a Friday for us also. Hey Hannah Banana why dont we all meet at the pizza expo this year . We can all get together one evening or at least share a table at the beer and bull session.

Sounds great to me, let’s remember to start a thread when it gets a bit closer. Woot just got a 6 pie pick up order :slight_smile:

Sorry guys had to chime in again this is unreal,

Today’s records:

Highest sales in one day for November ever

Most deliveries in one day EVER!

Lowest labor cost in one day ever! 6%!!!

Still open two more hours!

And it’s Sunday???

Good job HBO, our Sunday was double our normal average with a bunch of deliveries too.

Last week ended up slightly above our weekly average. Not bad when you consider we were closed Thursday and shut down 5 hours early on Friday and Saturday (no late night).