Thanksgiving Idea

Hey Everyone,
I have a friend South of us who has a small shop with high visibility. Pizza sales here are pretty good the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas, but he would like a boost in holiday sales. We came up with this idea and both are doing it.

Thanksgiving dinner pick up and delivery. I have a full kitchen, but my friend only has pizza decks so we came up with a menu that he can make. Roast turkey, green beans with almonds, peas and pearl onions, mashed potatoes (potato pearls), two types of stu**ing and bread. we are charging 8.95 per serving and started taking orders yesterday to be picked up or delivered Thanksgiving Eve. We both have already gotten orders and lots of inquiries. If this works well, we both are going to advertise it a lot more next year. Hard to say the demo we are pulling from, but I will find a way to track who's ordering the dinners and report back soon. If it works, we may do the same thing for Christmas (ya I said Christmas, I'm not scared PC police!) with Ham. Just an idea for smaller shops or larger shops looking for bigger holiday profits. 


Can't believe that word triggered the censor  :lol: