Thanx 2 J-Rock

your advice is working very well , I just figured Id let u know Ive been getting big orders we did about 1500 hangers in 2 days and already have gotten 8-10 with average of 28.00per order from people who didnt know about us. I really appreciate the advice I cant wait for Friday its going to be interesting. Thanx again.

That’s good to hear. I know you’re excited but I’m a little disappointed in the fact that you only got back 8-10 doorhanger offers in the last two days. Just keep pounding away every week. Don’t ever let up.

I want you to do me a favor and redeem (have customers turn in) as many of those coupons as you can. Throw them in a bucket and count them at the end of the week (Sunday). Can you get back to me with the results? -J_r0kk