Thanx 4 every1s comments Do you think I should go more heavy promo?
Also my place is a takeout so we really have no windows in front of my place. Do you think I should add windows?You only can see in through the doors.I have signs up eveywhere on the building though.

I would hold off on the windows for a little while. Windows are very over-rated. As long as your door has a little window you should be fine. You may want to eventually add the windows, but wait until the summer. And if you do, I recommend glass block. Your set up, one door no windows, will create a lot of “Hmmmmm, I wonder what’s in there”, This is especially true when people drive by. Not many people look in windows anymore like they did in the 50s & 60s. You are creating interest because many will wonder what the mystery is at your place & then will order. These type of customers are the best & don’t require much promo to get. What kind of sign do you have on your building, did you paint them?

No they were made by a sign guy plus I got banners on the building offering free coffee

Coffee is good, smart move. Coffee drinkers also eat pizza. Have you though about offering free tea too. Very inexpensive to make, just hot water and a tea bag. You probably have the sugar already. You would be surprised how many people enjoy hot tea. Would really seperate you from the other pizza shops who offer free coffee and have windows

holy shit what is up with the ridiculous posts in this forum today!!!.. i really think the webmaster should not allow posts unless the user is registered this is getting out of hand… ANYWAy back to the actually topic… if you have the cash i would install some big windows… are you in a shopping center?? sounds dumb but if a customer can see a good pizza guy doing some good dough tossing it will intice them in… maybe hold a kids night… offer some promotion and teach kids how to toss dough… widnow will also help openyour place up and make it feel larger… this isnt the main concern if itsnot in budget do not go out of your way to do this… you strill need to find out why your sale dropped so drastically and you need to do it quick … like i said before a 5k decrease is crazy!!

Just remember, when you put in your windows make sure the glass is facing out. If not, they won’t be able to see in. It doesn’t matter if your going to put banners up, but keep it in mind.

We had a very similar problem. We had windows, but no doors except for the cooler doors, so we put our NOW OPEN sign on there. And it worked just fine. If I had a choice between the two, I would probably take the doors, but it can be done with just windows, believe me. And I’ll tell you another thing. I ALWAYS WIN when we play charades now.

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