"That's not even real pizza!"

My daughter (who has worked in our places since she was 14 and is now in college) recently had a part time job at another pizza place… they use frozen dough rounds and sauce straight from the can. She called me up after the first day and said “They don’t toss the skins and they use straight canned sauce! That’s not even real pizza!”

Love it.

They probably say it is hand tossed-from the box onto the screen. LOL

Buy her a truck and she can set up her own shop…I am sure she would knock the pants off the competition…

My daughter took her kids to the big city for the weekend. They ordered pizza delivered to the hotel room. My 5 year old grandson asked why the pizza was so gross and not like gramps. Have we spoiled “normal” pizza for our families?

Absolutely. I’d actually say educated them, not spoiled.

Maybe that’s the whole story behind Domino’s Artisan ads about not allowing changes - they are premade!

That sounds a lot like a “C - Store” pizza to me. Remember, quality, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Apparently someone likes that pizza.

George Mills

Dadio, I think you are right. We opened our first store when our daughter was 5 years old and our second later that year when she was six. (now she is in college) She started working as a phone girl and front counter helper when she was 14 so she has been around pizza, dough making, etc etc the way we do it for some time.