thats one cool advert

I know that opinion is split on the product but you’ve got to agree that this is one great ad for DP!

I don’t know. Cocky puts a lot of people off. Better than this lame commercial though.

I haven’t tried their sub yet but I must admit, at least here “cocky” works for me. It’s clearly telling the public that Subway is running scared, at least at the launch. Let’s wait and see what their sales share is in 6 months time.

It is somewhat conventional wisdom to not name your competitors or directly attack them. It can work but it can also backfire. For instance, they may be better than Subway, but is that really saying that much? They ain’t exactly known for a quality product.

Why would subway right them a letter and really expect them to stop selling subs?

They didn’t…

Not only has Subway not moved to defend its position, it also gave Domino’s more marketing fodder. Really a clinic in how NOT to respond to a challenge by a competitor.

Full article here: Domino’s Responds to Subway’s Cease-and-Desist Letter - 1/22/2009 10:31:00 AM - Chain Leader

Hard to buy such great free publicity…

hmmmm, think I will write Dominos a letter . . .

Instead of making a new thread, I’m posting this here as it seems to be the most relevant old one. Perhaps this should become the “all things subway” thread. Anyways…

I came across this article today and I thought it was an interesting read to spark some discussion on price points and marketing: A $5 footlong success story.

I know one of the other big chains here in the U.S. was doing a $5.00 deal where the idea was to bundle a main item and some sides to reach the same price. The main focus was “we give you a complete meal not just the sandwich.” For the life of me, I can’t remember who was doing that though. I guess that speaks to how poor their marketing was… or maybe to how old I’m getting that my memory is slipping.

Anyways, has anyone crafted a deal to try and hit the $5 mark?