the birth of a pizza barn!!!

loved looking at nicks pics here is our little pizza barn its been quite a journey we started excactly one year ago buying the property,traveling all over the south buying equipment from ebay auctions etc. setting the building up ,setting the equipment up , adding equipment ,getting rid of equipment ,trying all types of things :smiley: some ideas work most dont but its been fun , stressful :x laughable , met alot of really cool people that have steered us in the right direction.never relized how much pizza some familys can eat in one week!never relized there were two different time parrelels my 30 min. = there 10 min. but we have had fun. i think were doing just fine considering we have never had a restaurant heck i was a diesel mechanic before this! but i approched this with this attitude ( im a good eater,i know good food, i know good service, and i appreciate fair prices. and thats how i run my business !!! hope you enjoy


That has got to be the most original pizza shop idea I’ve ever seen. Personally, I’ve never had an original idea in my life so kudos to you. I’m glad to see you up and running and hope business starts kicking for you guys over there. Congratulations again.


:lol: the place looks like a barn !! good luck–we’ve been open two years and just starting to look good. but what do you do with a back room of stuff you dont need lol

Sell it or give it away . . . or store it for the day you open your second store :smiley:

way to go, very impressive…looks bigger on the inside than out…
t-shirts are good,

I particularly love the ingenious use of building. It has so much going for it, fits right into the concept, economy of space, expandability, brightly decorated. It’s the kind of roadside place my wife and I would stop when we travel. Great work, guys.

heres a couple of ours, we built it from the ground up, had the devil of time with codes and health dept to get everything just right!

after paint…

right on red barn we almost went with gable roof building i wanted the higher sidewalls than on the barn style building but wife won out . :shock: got any pics of inside what are your dimensions ours is 14 x 32 plus the front. we go to indy for some auctions now and then have to come by and get a pie :smiley:

Well I appreciate the clarity… I thought you were the same people…

How cool of an idea.

Love the pics thanks for sharing them.

W/T/G Pizzabarn,You truly are a redneck…lol


hey goomba i resemble that remark! were so backwoods up here we travel to the big city like where nick lives to go shoping :lol: were so backwoods up here a girl that works for me said on the way to work she saw a car hit one of them red metal things and water shot everywhere after thinking about it for a minute i said do you mean a fire hydrant? she said is that what you call them! :idea: hey goomba still waiting for how you make the italian fries!

I was trying to get an idea where you are and now I know.

It’s the place where Jed Clampett, Granny, Elly Mae and Jethro came from and just around the corner from where Goma Pyle lived … well golllleee, well golllleee. :stuck_out_tongue:


well kinda grundy county is famous or infamous for a few things use to be the moonshinen , car chopin , pot growin , capital of tn. old legends die hard but truly its a great place to live some people say do you live in mayberry? we say naw were not that big n fancy!

I love it! Way to think outside the box.
I hate being in the strip malls.
Your place has the ability to become a true destination place.
Two questions…
How secure is that barn?
Can you move it?


Sounds like a nice place to sit back on the ol’ rockn chair with a corn cob pipe, a good book (not Nick 'cuse he can’t read real good :stuck_out_tongue: ), a good Western Australian Merlot red wine and a packet of nuts. Relax in heaven.


Yo bro,sorry don’t recall the question on fries but very simple…
make fries as normal ladel some pizza sauce on top then handful of mozz,and top off w/ a little mix of garlic powder,oregano and dried basil.Then throw in the left side of your window of your Lincoln oven just to melt the chses.Crab fries are another one of my bib sellers,just toss your fries w/ some ‘Old Bay’ seas.,top w/ mozz. and bake off.Amazing how much you can do w/ just fries and make a hell of a profit using what you already have in your store.Peak at my menu
B/t/w That fire plug story had me on the dang floor.

well it could be moved its just set down on cement blocks much like a trailer would be i guess you could use mobile home anchors to secure it into concrete1 or if you mean could someone break into? in about 2 seconds heres my theroy if someone wants in there gonna get in regardless. i figure less damage is better we keep about 20.00 dollars easy to find and hope they would be on there way the sheriff keeps a good eye on the place seein how we feed them for free and i told them no more food if i get broke into :smiley: and were on a busy hwy. well busy for here.and my manager lives next door in my other building . and shes up all night ! aah to be young and single :stuck_out_tongue: and the best part of the whole deal is what it cost me for property, building, equipment, etc you could not duplicate it in most parts of the country but it can be done if your willing to get out drive for equipment do alot of the grunt work yourself and not really get carried away with what you think you want but what you really need :wink: to get the doors open. and start making pizzas and cash.

example i just got back from atlanta today!!
like new hobart flash bake oven 225.00 dollars
panisonic 220 volt commercial microwave 75.00 dollars
pizza hut express hatco double deck warmer for breadsticks and personal pan pizzas 120.00 like new

i just cringe when people tell me what they pay for equipment new

I sketched up a design/system for a guy in TX using 2 shipping containers…reminds me of your operation…the guy never did anything w/it, but I am/was still interested in putting 'em on parking lots pads…

HEY :shock: Where in Atlanta you gettin’ those prices??? I want some.