The Black Book on ebay

Yes this is mine… … :IT&ih=011


did it come with that dollar?

What does the pmq crowd think of this book?

You can check the FAQ for about 8 links to the Black Book … 760d384033

Sorry, just got home but yes it did come with the dollar. Kamron said says “you already made your first buck on this book”

Well, to whoever got it, I am the one responsible for you paying over $150. :wink:

Dewar, I’ve got one I’ll probably let go for $150.00 – I have to find it first of course. I think it is still here in the store somewhere.

i will give you $10

Well cancukfanlady that should really give you a clue of how it has helped the current owners of the black book.


I am not saying it is worth $150. But I was willing to go that high to see what the hubbub was about. I figured I could sell it back in eBay for the about the same. Scott, let me know if you find it.

The crowd seems split between finding it useful . . . . and not spending the money since we get most all the same info here on the 'Tank for free, plus some more useful ideas. Kameron markets, and we make and sell pizzas day in and day out.

The old posts, the FAQ and access to pizzeria people here have been exceptional resources for me.

i have the book, some things I know some things I didnt, most things are here in chat.
IF I was to say what I would do or recommend I would say yes I recommend you buy it

there is no reason and I dont feel that there is any benifit from buying used as apossed to new
canuckfanlady pm me with your email address