The "Black Book"

I ran across an ad for the “Black Book” by Kamron Karington and have read all the testimonials; it does seem almost too good too be true. I was hoping that someone could give me input as to if the Black Book was really a good investment, and have you increased your sales by using the Black Book??

I have a small family run pizzeria and am looking for something that will help me increase business. I have/do use box toppers, a website, flyers, door hangers, magnets, etc. The customers we do have are loyal customers; our main problem is getting new customers. Our location is not the most ideal; it’s on the opposite side of traffic flow going home from work in the evenings.

Any suggestions or ideas I would gladly welcome. Thank you!

Most, if not all, of the information and ideas that are in the Black Book can be found here and on other pizza based forums for free. If you are interested in spending a bit of time looking through the posts.

I have a Black Book that I am willing to part with. PM me it you are interested.

I’ve always wondered why used Black Book’s come up for sale around here, ebay, etc.

Didn’t the owner of the black book make so much money by implementing it’s ideas that they could afford to just give the book to someone? What’s a few hundred dollars to someone who just made millions?


I dont know about the black book but I do have some advice. I took over a family run pizza shop the beginn ing of 2007. I wanted to increase sales. The first thing i did was set a goal for sales. The second thing i did was figured out what i needed to handle those sales (equipment and employees). The third thing I did was plan how to get the customers to come.
I know my plan wont work for you but that is the process you could use to plan your own plan. Sounds like you need to plan to move to a better location first.

Bravo The key is to: 1st plan, 2nd work the plan

Sounds like you have a decent system for your current customer base. If you are trying to accelerate expanding that base, you’ll need to market in the places those folks live…

A few low cost ideas (that have been covered on these boards before) that may get the ball rolling for you…
Do a charity event, donating a % of sales to a charity. Get PR and the charity group to get some new traffic.
A school night can get a large # of locals to try your place
Take some pizzas down to the radio station…let the DJs talk you up

I try to keep new ideas coming at:

I actually had 2 blackbooks and dontated one to a think tanker, I feel it has a little merit but like everything we as pizza operations have evoloved, there are tons of things that are outdated. I myself was thinking of doing my own black book. taking things from the black book that still works, (of course changing so I am not plagiarizing) and the ideas that we as a group have implemented here on PMQ.
(not for profit)…This is going to be my summer project next year during some of the down time