The day has arrived....

Our new conveyor oven are being installed Sunday morning. We have been cooking with decks for 20 years but they simply can’t handle the volume anymore.Lincoln impingers are what we purchased and Sunday will be test day. Does anyone out there have any suggestions or starting points on time, temperture or any other advise we could use?

thank you for your time and any insight would be greatly welcomed…Mark Williams

the model number of the ovens is 1452…Mark

Try 500 degrees and 5 minutes as a starting point. Adjust the timing according to how it’s cooking.

Instead of giving you an answer, let’s give you the formula so you can create your own answer.

There are only 2 adjustments on the oven, time and temp.
Time affects the crunch (doneness) of the pizza.
Temp will affect the color of the crust.

As Tom has stated numerous times, you want to cook the crust as long as possible to derive ultimate flavor and doneness.


Remember that time cooks and temperature darkens. I am running 480* for 8.4 minutes. I had started at 525* for 7 minutes but was having issues with gum line.

EDIT: Just to clarify I bake in pans rather than on screens. This makes for a longer cook time.

You of course will have to “play” with it to see how it responds to your dough and toppings. For us, we set at 465 degrees and run 6:30 giving our pies a nice finish. It also allows our deeps to go through on the same time/temps. We add the cheese, run the first pass, then finish it, sauce on top (where it belongs… :lol:) and then in for a 2nd pass.

Your time and temp will vary with your dough recipe and weight. We use 18oz for a 14" and set our ovens for a 7 minute cook time. With our dough ball size we can not do a 5 minute cook time. If we go too fast the center of the dough is not cooked when the crust is brown.

Our two ovens need slightly different temp settings to work just right. We set the cook time to 7 minutes and adjust the temp until the pies come out the way we want them to.

Glad you posted this topic, need some of advice. I have been using decks since we started our company over 5 years ago with awesome results. Within the next 2 weeks we will be moving into a better location in the same town, and the new store has a conveyor in it which we plan to keep. My original plan was to take one of my decks with me to the new store because I am very concerned that I cannot duplicate my deck pizza in a conveyor. Any thoughts on this transition. I have been experimenting with the conveyor a little bit, but the new place does not have power in it for a few days so I can’t do a whole lot. I know I can increase my volume with the conveyor, just very concerned about changing the product. We currently use decks and cook on screens. Thanks for any suggestions!

You can set up a conveyor to cook any pizza, but the problem is: Are your pizzas all the same? The only way you can cook a combo and a cheese pizza in the same conveyor is if the combo has no more stuff on it then the cheese (more kinds of stuff, sure, but not more total amount of stuff). This is why PH and Domino’s etc make “that kind” of combo - their ovens dictate they must. Or maybe they use conveyors because they make that kind of pizzas. It’s one of those, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” things.