The effect of weather on delivering?

How far would you go to deliver a pizza? And where do you draw the line when weather (ice, rain) interferes with deliveries?



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Delivery all depends on your own judgment.

  1. How hot do you want the pizzas to be when they arrive? Obviously the closer the better.
  2. How fast do you need your drivers to return? Do you really want your drivers driving a half an hour away while another order sits that’s 2 minutes away? - Although when properly managed, that is not a problem.
  3. What time frame are you giving your customers when they order?

And then the weather part, well thats mostly the up to the drivers discretion. But ALWAYS stress caution when any bad weather arises. If its snowing 6 inches out there and continuing, and my driver refuses to run, I tell the customers sorry.

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You may or may not be correct.

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