The end all debat about ovens

Okay, so I’ve had the chance to read quite extensively and research as much, on the many ovens that are used in pizza operations coast to coast. How is any one person supposed to know which is the best, multi-purpose oven? For example, I need an oven that will cook a cracker style crust followed by a deep dish pizza…is there such an oven?

If there is anyone out there that has any insight on this, please help this man from going insane! Middleby, Lincoln, Q-Matic, XLT, AHHHH!!

I use MM 360 or 570. I serve thin, hand-tossed, deep-dish. I serve breadsticks, wings, tenders, and all are cooked on the oven. I’d say they’re pretty good. The 570’s are nicer, quieter, but also more expensive. The 360 is in my opinion, the best multi-purpose oven.

from my experience with a half a dozen different ovens from deck to impingment, to convection, you can bake a great pizza in any oven…
just have to adjust your pizza formula to the particular oven for best result,
I hope that helps,

Buy a Rotoflex.

We have placed hundreds of XLT ovens every one is very happy with them.

Here is a good test. What oven company states that if in 90 days from installation they have not satisfied you they will take the ovens back and refund your money? XLT Makes that statement. To my knowledge no oven has ever been returned.

George Mills