The "Equalizer" cutting tool

Have any of you used one of these? I just picked up an account that will be reselling my pizza by the slice so having equal size slices is crucial. The account is worth close to 30K per year so I want to make sure to keep them happy. One thing that concerns me is I do not use a cutting board to cut pizza on. I want to continue to cut the pizzas in the box.

I have a few of these and they work well for equal slices, but I too prefer to cut in the box with a wheel cutter. I’ll give you a good deal on mine if your interested.

What sizes and number of cuts do you have?

I will check, but I am pretty sure i have an 8 cut and 12 cut…I will check on the diameters. Also, you can buy one of those boards they sell, looks like a paddle, cut on the board & then slide into your pizza boxes.

you’ll need to use a board or peel, as you need room to “rock” when cutting…

I’d be interested in buying the 8 cut if it’s the 16-17 inch one. The other size I need is a 10 cut for the same diameter pizza. Thanks

i would be interested in the 12 cut if it is for 14" or 16"

I think you would all find this sort of gadget more to your liking . . . one piece of equipment for several sizes. It uses your friend the pizza wheel cutter. I do not advocate for the vendor, just offering the item shown on the page for discussion.

8-slice … 88.0.7.htm

12-slice … 12.0.7.htm

Nick, do you currently use these?

Er . . . no. I coveted one once, but didn’t want to drop that kind of money without testimonial. I’ll be that is what you guys are thinking, too, huh? Didn’t mean to leave a half or false endorsement. It sure looks that way reading what I typed, though.

Mainly, I’m figuring people who want consistent slice size on several diameters of pies would find this worth investigating.

its a very handy tool…
I feel it is necessary when selling by the slice or when you ship pizzas out to others who are going to resell them - i.e, arena concessions,fundraisers etc
I do not use one
I know people who have/do
good luck with it

I would like to find a solution that allows me to cut the pizza in the box, as opposed to on a board.

just a thought…I know a pizzeria that uses this tool for all pizzas - they do several catering projects.they cut on a board and slide the pizza into their box

just a thought…I know a pizzeria that uses this tool for all pizzas - they do several catering projects.they cut on a board and slide the pizza into their box

I have one and use it sometimes but I find I can cut faster with my knife and just about as accurate. But it is great for beginers. Mine is an eight cut for up to a 14"

We use the eqaulslice for a school account and we also cut them in the box. We don’t pre-fold the box. We put the uncut pizza on a stack of unfolded boxes, equalslice it and then fold the box up around it. We’ve done around 200 pizzas a day like this for the last several years and it has worked like a charm.

If you need to use the Equalizer to cut the pies…and it works best on a paddle and you need it cut equally in the box instead…

Why couldn’t you make the initial “press” with the equalizer, giving you the lines you need, and then “tracing” them with your wheel or rocker to make the final cut?

Hey, I didn’t notice your post before I posted my post below you.

Great idea…either way would work (yours or mine), IMO.

I also have a plexiglass circle (one for each size pizza) We screwed a cupborad knob on the top side, screwed small stainless steal bolts through it around the edge to mark where we would cut and before the pizza is put in the oven we press this down on it and it puts little indents in the crust. When it comes out you just cut on each indent and presto equal slices!

These things remind me of the “Healthrider” I bought a long time ago … looks really cool & useful for a while, then never gets used, except maybe as a coathanger. What I do is take a little more time cutting each pie (the school that we have a regular deal where they resell asks for a 10 cut) and send them an extra pie for every 20 they order. Rather than being unhappy that there’s a couple slices that are a bit small in comparison, they’re thrilled to get the extra pizzas that they can sell at no extra charge! Yeah, they’re probably selling all of it at full price, since we’ve got the “10 cut” pretty well down now, but I’m still making good money off it & they’ve found that they can sell more than they thought - they normally buy 10 more pies each week than they did 2 - 3 years ago.

Just slow down when you’re cutting a little bit - for an 8 cut, you should be able to make virtually every cut perfect - for a 10 cut, try this …

Use a cutting board for the pizzas, using a screen, etch around the outside of the surface. Using a 16" screen should give you a perfect 16" circle. The circumference of a circle is pi * Diameter … 50.27 inches for a 16". Measure along the arc 5 1/32 inch to place each cut mark. According to the formula, your last slice would be a bit small, but since you initially draw around the outside of a 16" screen, the actual diameter will be just a c-hair more than 16" - you ought to come out all right. Once you have everything perfect, mark the circle and cutting lines with a non toxic permanent marker (Marks a Lot markers I know are ACMI certified as non toxic).This should be just as accurate as, and a lot less hassle than, the contraption you’re thinking of.

Good luck with the job! $30k a year? Dang, I’ve gotta find me a deal like that!