The "Facebook Da Vinci Code" I think I got it...

We’ve noticed our visibility slacking, and not as many hits on our biz page these last few months.

Then I noticed when we post a video, we get massive viewership on our page with hits that double our likes.

So, I now post a video daily, and see much better performance across the board.

I keep the vid’s 15 seconds or less,

One of the videos I posted was a time lapse of a pizza being built and launched into the oven, a stupid 7 second video that got 550 views the first hour it was up.
Today, 15 seconds of the interior of our BBQ pit, 300 hits in the first 15 minutes.
Insane! Try it out, report back on your results.

that’s awesome! gonna have to try it!

But does it make you more money?

I have been hearing feedback from our customers that our posts are showing up more in their news feeds, and like any advertising, the more you are in someones face, the more that you are in their mind.
So, I’d say that it is increasing sales. My area is a bit unique since there is no reliable advertising avenues here, the locals do not like to read the local paper, the radio stations here really suck, we are sort of stuck on relying on word of mouth.
Then consider that I am at the intersection of both federal and state rural highways, my signage options are very limited and highly controlled.

what do you user to edit the video? i would love to play with this.

I don’t do any editing, just a short iPhone (quicktime) video works.
I did a 7 second time lapse of a pizza being built and launched, huge viewership, I took a 5 second video driving down snow covered roads from my truck, and put that in a post to promote our delivery, huge views on that too.
it doesn’t seem to matter what content is, just that it’s a video

lol good to know…my phone doesn’t do time lapse…not a fan of the iPhone im an android user.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on facebook videos.

I did two tests and found that I received twice as many views and likes on a video that featured food (finished product).
The number was close to ten times more than a status update with no video or photo.

I will keep testing.

Glad to hear it, I haven’t posted a video in a week now, and also realized much slower growth in our “Likes”, and very little “Reach” with just simple updates with pictures.
So my plan is to post a video per day starting on Monday, I hope I do not run out of stuff to film. If it comes down to a time lapse of our delivery driver folding boxes, I’ll do that if I need to.
My results didn’t seem to matter if it was food, or something simply stupid and mundane, it just seems as if a video causes FB to put out notifications to more people with a video.