The Fat Lady Sings or What a Long Strange Trip it has Been

Well folks… the day has come. This morning I sat down at the title company and sold my pizza business and the property it occupies. It was not long after the 19th anniversary of our first day in business. As the Grateful Dead said; “What a long strange trip it has been”.

No doubt, I will spend less time here as my day to day has less and less to do with pizza. I am not saying good-bye and I am sure I will chime in but I am also sure I will not be around as much.

The buyer is a great guy. I know he has spent quite a bit of time on the TT. I am not sure if he has a handle yet, but I hope that he jumps in and benefits from all the helpful folks around here.

That’s it for today. My wife and I are going out for a nice dinner and it will not be pizza.

Congratulations and best of luck. Thanks for your contributions and advice over the years.

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Best of luck is all I can wish to you :slight_smile: Enjoy your free time in the best way you can!
Oh, your contributions will be greatly missed from this forum!

Congrats and a big thank you for all the knowledge bombs!

congrats! thank you for everything you have contributed!

Good luck Steve…You have certainly been a wonderful contributor to the discussions here…Thank you…

Wishing you a long and happy life.
George Mills

Congratulations! I have learned a lot from you.

Well deserved. Thank you for all your input over the years.

I’ve read your posts here for years, amd I’ve always been impressed with your depth of knowledge. The technical stuff that is so important in this business is something that you seem to have researched in order to make the right decisions, but it’s your business sense and experience that I’ve valued most. Thanks, and the best of everything to you going forward.

Best wishes… very exciting!

TT will greatly miss your experience,

Best of luck and congratulations!

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Thanks Steve for all your input and advice. You truly have a very good knowledge of the pizza business.


Thanks for all your knowledge and insight. You’ve been a great help to my business.

Thanks for all the kind words.

Amazing to sit at home in the evening and not wonder if the phone is going to ring.

Congratulations! Thanks for all you have shared here. It must be a strange feeling that will take some getting use to. Good luck with the next chapter of your life :slight_smile: Walter

Post your number… we’ll call 'ya! :slight_smile:

You can find it on the Rockiesbroker link in my Sig. Please do call or stop if you are wandering in this part of the world! But not if oven is broken, the cars are parked on the sidewalk, employees came to work in sandals, new driver did not show up, computer isn’t working, assistant manager is drunk or the power is out. Haha