The first week of my first GM position

Hello everyone! I have been a reader/lurker of this forum for years, and have read most of the posts over and over again. The insight I have gained from the members here has helped me so much. I have finally worked my way to the top of the shop as the GM. I have worked under the GM for awhile now, and have pretty much worked circles around me, especially in the customer services department. My single strongest skill is my ability to work with people and communicate.I worked in one of our busier stores that does 12k a week on average, and when they promoted me, they sent me to one of the slower store that does around 7 to 8k.

I wanted to share some of the backstory: The hired a GM for the slower location and it turned out bad. All he did was complain that sales were awful, and sent the team morale in to the dumps. Under that GM, the company had two shift leader types who have safe and store keys, full access to the financials. The district manager, because of the low sales, let these two shift leaders run the show, while he popped in once and awhile (3 days a week-ish) to make the schedule and watch over things.

What resulted was that these two shift leaders thought they were going to get the top spot, and laid down on each other in order to sabotage the other. The real losers were the customers. This is what I walked into Monday morning. I am told by my boss that the staff is mine, and that I can do what I what with them.

My first step was to hire a driver that would give me driver coverage during all hours that the store is open. Other than that, I worked the schedule that the DM made for this week, and listened to everyone’s version of the story of what happened, watched how everyone worked, and acted naturally.

What I am looking for is some advice on where to take things. I was given a sizable bump in pay and health insurance to take this gig. I am told if I can get the store to 10k a week that “great things will happen to me”. I am lucky that my living situation for my wife and I is close to zero cost, so I have lower overall stress than alot of us (and I never take for granted). I have the enegry, positive attitude, and willings to make this work. I love our product and brand and I feel it shows through my work. Any advice?

PS- I am allowed 35% labor for a few weeks to iron things out and to have the extra staff to aid our company with the stadium operations (making lots and lots of dough) and supplying one of our catering trucks.

Listen to what the staff says but trust your instincts.

It should go without saying that the two shift leaders are gone…