the girl scouts are coming oh my!!!

my 7 yr daughters girl scout troop is coming in on feb 14th for me to talk to them and make pizzas i know i gotta make them indy pies but does anyone have a good plan on how to make the whole process entertaining i was going to mix a batch of dough and explain the life cycle of yeast and the whole pizza farm concept

any help would be appreciated i really don’t want to come off as dork infront of my little girl


I recently had my daughter’s 7th birthday party in my shop. Big hit.
We did the following

  1. Blew up a bunch of balloons and let them play with them
  2. Demonstrated how to sauce and cheese a little pizza, and then LET THEM do their own - gave them ready-to-top crusts and put out small buckets of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives, ham and pineapple. Other toppings on request. We told them - “make your pizza special - like no one else’s pizza, so you can find it after it’s cooked”.
  3. While we cooked their pizza’s, we gave them little doughballs and toys made for play-dough to mess with. I also had a disney movie on our TV, but they were just playing and having fun
    The rest was birthday stuff. Pinata, presents, cake…
    They really really had fun making their own pizzas.

We bring the entire 1st grade in all the public schools from our town every year (250 kids total) for a pizza-making field trip. Usually its 2 classes at a time (approx. 50 kids) for an hour 10am-11am. Start with the importance of handwashing, cleanliness, etc. Next, give a tour of your kitchen (make sure the place is spotless…teachers and chaperones will make or break you!) Explain all the various equipment and dont forget to walk them in the cooler/freezer and show the oven. We stretch a small pie for every 2 kids and have plastic cups of sauce and cheese ready for each team. They take all the ingredients…1 kids puts on the sauce, the other the cheese and they walk it into the oven. As they cook make some small talk…(guess all the toppings, etc) then do some pizza math as you cut and let them enjoy their pies (we assign a number so they think they are getting “their pizza” but it doesn’t matter. You will get alot of questions so be prepared and have plenty of coffee beforehand. Provide drinks and extra pizza for adults. We provide each kid with a kids shirt with our logo and take each classes picture and hang on our “Wall of Fame”…this is our 3rd year doing this and we are running out or room. The $1,000 I spent on shirts every year brings in multiples of business…by far our best promo plus all the local press is all the better
Good Luck!

I’ve done something similar back when I was an assistant manager. Get the kids involved in making pizzas, let them make their own. Make sure the place is spotless. Take them on the full tour of the restaurant, explain how each piece of equipment works. Provide the adults with food and drinks of their own. Hit on the importance of food safety and hand washing. and most importantly make it fun!

Making the pizzas will be tons of fun! Forget about the whole yeast thing, most adults don’t get it and it’s definitely beyond a 7 yr old.

I got custom balloons made a while back, they’re really cheap.

Don’t forget to give all the girls some kind of bounceback coupon.

Take lots of pictures to put on your bulletin board. It sounds like you’ve never done anything like this before; it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great new niche.