The Great Mushroom Debate...

Hey all, in considering how pizzas are moving to “freshness” in the trends of the consumers…which do you prefer to use on your pizzas, FRESH or CANNED mushrooms, and why?

I am a mushroom fanatic, however, myself, I loved canned mushrooms on a pizza because they don’t wilt down during baking, and a lot of pizzerias put them on the top of their cheese, which tends to make the fresh ones more wilted.

The texture of the canned mushroom is what I like…but I am curious as to what you all think, and what are the pros and cons to each of you when/if you considered this option on your pies.



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We use thick sliced fresh. I prefer the dense tooth of the fresh and the intensity of flavor as they cook down on the pies. We also multi-task the 'shrooms for sandwiches and salads . . . fewer products to stock as canned are useless for salads, really. While canned are far less perishable, the fresh are more flexible and give a perception of quality and freshness that we desire.

Besides, the canned are squishy and damp . . . we have some for ‘emergency outages’ and use them only when we HAVE to. 45 min to nearest grocery store round-trip and a nightmare on a busy night. We have to keep the canned for the emergency.

canned mushroomsss are so nastyyyyyyyyyy goddd…fresh all the way the nice white ones :slight_smile:

Interesting answers.

I love all mushrooms…I just like the texture…the “bite” per se, of the canned mushrooms when cooked.

My store serves fresh…but, ours are under the cheese, so that at least helps with the flavor and some of the texture, IMO.

Keep the answers and voting coming. :slight_smile:

fresh all the way here to.
also have several entree salads,burgers,steaks.they have better flavor and texture to me.
for some reason i cant vote on this poll???

Fresh mushrooms are the best, I don’t like mushrooms myself, but canned mushrooms have more moisture and that can adversly effect the quality of the pizza.

I’m repulsed by mushrooms whether fresh or canned. The slimy wet canned mushrooms have got to be the worst. I think I would rather clean the grease trap as opposed to handle canned mushrooms.

On a side note, when I worked at PJ’s they had ads making fun of Dominos using canned mushrooms. PJs used mushrooms out of the same nasty brine, they just came out of a plastic bucket. Big difference?

well the best thing to do is use crimini mushroom it is small but has much more flavor then the regular mushroom and less water it is pricy but worth it

Fresh mushrooms for me, straight from the mushroom farm. In fact that is where I’m off to now to get our supplies (only picked an hour ago).

We do have canned mushrooms in a marinade for our Gourmet “Garden Harvest” pizza with 10 variants of gourmet vegie toppings, but only put about 6 or 8 slices on for taste.


the concensus looks like fresh mushrooms are the way to go.
I agree with the original post, but I am not a personal fan of mushrooms

I am getting an Easy Chopper II from Nemco to slice the mushrooms and dice the onions and bell peppers,
hopefully, I can find some other things to do with it…
canned mushrooms are very pricey now, pushing $10 a can in AZ…

I believe people can tell if the mushrooms are fresh. I actually buy special hand picked mushrooms that are mostly used for buffets.

*When mushrooms cook they let give off water…this mixes with the flavoring of the pie and you can taste mushrrom with almost every bite :slight_smile:

I was just thinking about this the other day. My mom has instilled in me from birth that canned are the only way to go, but by chance I tried some fresh ones on a pizza the other day and I liked it a little more (sorry mom), but I got to thinking and when making a pasta dish that called for reconstituted dried mushrooms, I thought maybe this will be the perfect comprimise, has anyone else ever used them? I haven’t done this yet but I will soon and I’ll post the results.

xyankie, I have used dried mushrooms in my pasta sauce.

The flavor is great, however, they’re very thinly sliced, so you have to be “looking” for them to notice they’re in the sauce.

The ones I bought were from Sam’s…I think they were Tones…they don’t have them now at my store.


Canned mushrooms are gross. :cry:

dont fresh mushrooms add to much water to the pie

FRESH!!! canned are slimy and nasty!!!

Might as well put snails on it. Eww.

Fresh, sliced for the pizza. However, I started with those “slugs” for my philly steak subs and when I stopped using them, the feedback was incredible. The Guests wanted those with their phillys. I think it has something to do with the texture.

My slices on the pie were placed both beneath and on top of the cheese.


what is the price range of mushrooms across this country ?

those using the fresh mushrooms, please let us know the price you pay.


i pay $14 for fresh, 10#