The new economic report!

I am posting this to try and get a national feel on how the different operations are forecasting their sales for the next year or so. I just heard a long conversation about the upcoming jobs and economic reports due this week and the word “RECESSION” is all over things.

I feel we as a government are wasting a lot of time, OUR MONEY, and other resources on issues that need to be resolved and actually run our government in the roll they should be doing. Going 4 years without a real federal budget! Still adding all these earmarks for jokes of projects all for political payback! We are now 4 years into health care and not only is that a joke… the law, the process, etc… not the fact that we need to cover those that cannot but we also need a real plan and make it a fair and open process. Not “pass it to see it” NANCY! :x How do we really tell now all three branches how F’d up they all are! I do not want to make this poitcal because they are all broken and I would be happy to see them all replaced today! Elected officials are as bad as celebs these days…and in some aspects even worse… they get our money without us having to buy a ticket! They also believe that they are better than everyone, untouchable, and live in a bubble of a world! We do need CHANGE and to move FORWARD because if we do not and do it fast… I am scared that for every year we “F’d” around and keep this crap up… it will take 10 years to recover!

One last thing… I think the way all the elected ones act these days that everyone needs to help do their part in making one really big point in every election they can have input on. ONE TERM LIMIT!!! We have elected ones that spend their entire term doing nothing but trying to get re-elected!!! Nothing done but send me back to finish it up…all that NOTHING!!! Do it and I promise you XYZ!!! Sorry but I am so sick of this. I do not care what party you side with… WE AS AMERICANS NEED TO CONTROL AND GOVERN OUR COUNTRY IN A PRODUCTIVE AND HONEST WAY!!! We will always have sides to issues… but we have to compromise on things and do what is best for the country and enough of doing what is best to get re-elected!!! :x Let the next guy campaign while you GOVERN!!! :idea: