The New PMQ Think Tank

Welcome back to PMQ Pizza Magazine’s Think Tank! We apologize for the recent downtime. As you can tell, the forum has been upgraded with new features and new ways to stay connected with the pizza industry’s leaders and innovators. The forum is now fully functional so feel free to resume posting your questions and comments while exploring the new features. We will also be making some design tweaks over time to improve the forum’s overall look and feel, so thank you for your patience!

Fyi, when I first tried to log in, my password was not recognized. I had to create a new one to log in.

Is it to late to switch it back to the old way?


I went over this with Steve Green yesterday. They are aware of this and are working on a set of instructions to make it a bit clearer on how to do it.

I used the instructions - and ended up as “APizzaFly” somehow. No my old name of “Registered Guest”.

I went to the Registered Guest profile and sent you a password reset email. I hope that works for you.

Ok, I’m about 3 months late in the ‘new’ game just logged in today for the first time in months! That being said, I discovered the reason the new forum would not accept my password is because the new system has a minimum number of characters which was ONE more than my previous password… I discovered this when I went through the ‘new password’ process. So I hope this helps others understand maybe why it was not accepting old passwords.