The New PMQ Think Thank - How To Re-Join

If you already have an account and this is your first time logging in to the Think Tank since 2/20/2020, click “Log in”, enter your email in the username box and click “with email”. You will receive an email to access your account, once you access your account you can set a new password in your user preferences.

To find your preferences, click on your avatar in the site’s header, then click your username to open your user menu. Click the Preferences link from this menu. Click the “Send Password Reset Email” button.

Thank You,

It also works to put your user name in.

My old user name Rick G was not recognized by the system, system wouldn’t let me use Rick G in creating new account. Tried RickG but that was taken. I created new name. Got logged in and I see my old posts under RickG. So I go to log out and try to reclaim RickG but I can not find a LOGOUT button.

Click on the circle on the top right of the screen then on the name to find the logout.

I just checked the user list. I believe your old user name was converted to Rick_G.

Thanks, this is like the 3rd time in 9 yrs I don’t log in for over 6 months and VOILA the forum has changed… I’m lost all over again! But just so you know, I finally made it in. Frustrating however my old login password would not work, the system needed one more character… so maybe that is why the old login passwords are not working… just some thoughts. I hope its helpful!