The Night Before Christmas

Gearing up for a gang buster Christmas Eve night. The last two nights have been really busy doing around 2 1/2 - 3 times normal sales. Last night we sold out just before closing time and only had enough dough and prepeared stuff for an anticipated busy Christmas Eve, so we closed a few minutes early. After our normal close time the phones became active as people came home from the last late night shopping before the big day. Sadly we were all packed up and ready to go at that time, as were all the other foodies where we are situated.
Tonight we open at 5pm and take last orders at 8.15pm and close the doors at 8.45pm. Everyone is staying back tonight to do a big clean up and throw out of any perishables - heaps of washing containers etc tonight. Hopefully we can be out by 9.15pm and have a beer with the senior staff before we all head off home for our Christmas festivities.
Going on the last few nights I think we will get blasted tonight. This is our first Friday Christmas Eve so I think it will buzz, especially with the temp around the 100F mark today.
Will look forward to getting home, grabbing a beer and falling into the pool to cool off :stuck_out_tongue: (for those ready with smart comments I’m pretty adapt to falling in the pool with a beer and not spilling any :lol: )
Hope you all have a great Christmas and good times with your families.
To those TT’s who open for the needy on Christmas Day, may you gain all the pleasure from your kindness.

Regards to all


Just to put everyone at ease about Dave and his pool… you must first understand what qualifies as a pool down under. It could be a muddy puddle or possibly a grey-water containment system. So before you all get worked up on how well off Dave is with his pool and such… I mean it’s not like he has a yacht or aircraft carrier sitting around! Right? :shock:

I’m more disgusted with the 100 degrees in december part… 8)