The question from a new user

They do a very good job of eliminating any spam that comes onto this site. I think it’s inevitable that you’ll run into persons pushing products or services, but this isn’t always a bad thing and is not the norm. As long as you use your best judgement, it’s pretty easy to figure out who’s legit and who’s not. I agree with most of the people on this site that you won’t find a better discussion forum out there to help you start up a pizza business or revive your business if it’s failing. If you’re curious about a topic, just run a few searches and you’ll probably find your answer has already been posted.

You did the right thing by registering right off the bat. If someone gets on here and we notice they are a “guest”, we usually encourage them to register. I think that helps keep things on the up and up. Yeah, some spam creeps in sometimes, but it’s removed pretty quickly. We’re just a few indies helping each other out, and everyone is pretty good at smelling a rat and calling them on it. You can advertise at PMQ, but the think tank is not the place for it.


Hi and welcome to PMQ Think Tank. I am Tom Boyles, editor-in-chief of PMQ’s Pizza Magazine, message board moderator and den mother to those who get out of line in here (just kidding guys). Just to let you know, I check the board each morning and several times throughout the day and remove SPAM messages, block IP addresses from ‘trouble makers’ and keep out the unnecessary trash. I think I speak for most everyone when I say you are in a fairly ‘safe haven’ in here. As mentioned, there is a lot of great advice and wonderful people who help make this board a great resource. If you like, do like a lot of newcomers and “lurk” around for a few days until you become comfortable. Once you are comfortable, post a question or two or offer some advice for others.

By the way, if you have a pizzeria, or are about to open one, be sure to subscribe to the magazine ([/url]). You can read the articles at [url=] but it doesn’t have all of the artwork and marketing art samples the print version has.

Also, if you ever have a question, or are looking for a product or service, etc., feel free to call me (662-234-5481 ext 122) or email ( and I will do my best to help. Good luck and welcome to the board.

So if, for example, someone wanted to bang out a bunch of spam and unrelated and unsolicited advertising for low cost cigarettes or tobacco productsd through this venue just to try to get access to hundreds of pizzeria owners, Tom would likely block the IP address and delete the messages . . .

Good one Nick, lol!!

Oops! I wasn’t logged in! ME AND MY BIG MOUTH!
Tom R

More moderators required…RCS…