The secret - Opportunity is everywhere

The secret, what this implies is that there is one key to open all the doors in the world. We know that this isn’t true that we each have a key and we have to fashion it to the doors we come across.

There is opportunity in everything that we do to improve our businesses and play a greater role in our local communities.

What I’ll be aiming to do in the posts that I make is to provide simple straight forward ways of making a difference in the pizza business right now. With limited spend and with the resources that you have in your stores right now.

Hope you find some of the ideas shared useful and please let us know if you have put them into action and what the outcome has been for your business.

One thing the volume outlets don’t do well is look after their customers. Too busy to create a real relationship with customers.

Find out who your top 30 customers are and send them a lotto ticket. Tell them that you think they’re worth a million bucks as valued customers to your business that you can’t give them a million bucks but you can give them a chance to win it. Attach an offer/coupon with the lotto ticket and be prepared for a close on 100% redemtion rate.

When they sit down on Saturday night to watch the lotto draw you can bet they’ll have a slice of pizza in one hand and a lotto ticket in the other. Be prepared this is a powerful promotion nothing kills business faster then not being able to provide a consistently high level of product and service.

Do you read your local paper?

Sometimes its hard to find good news in the local paper but give this a shot.

Write a short note to someone featured in a story in local the paper telling them;

you like their style
are proud of their efforts
think they have what it takes
thought they could do with some cheering up

invite them to enjoy a pizza.

Be the face of your business in the community create a real relationship with your customers.

Make the magnet men happy too!

Offer 50c off if customers hand in a competitor’s fridge magnet.

We don’t make the rules of marketing we just follow them.

Having your phone number on a customer’s fridge is a powerful marketing tool. Acknowledged.

Make one difference today!

How can I improve something today?

In the past when i took over an existing store/business thats how I approached each and everyday that I walked through the door.

I didn’t try to fix everything at once, I just focused on how can I improve one thing so that by the time I walk out of the door at closing its fixed and better so that I can move on to the next. At the end of thirty days i’d fixed more then thirty things.

Every noticed how small wining margins are in sport these days. 1 thousandth of a second in track or a short nose in horse racing. I’m sure you can think of many more examples. But the things is that they are still the winners right. By the smallest of margins fractions of fractions or whatever. Would a 1% improvement in your business get you first over the line.

There is no secret but being 1% better at 30 things rather then 100% better at only one creates a momentum that moves a pizza business forward.

Our competitors might be 100% better at one thing then we are but what will make the real difference to competition is an overall improvement of 1% on our part in a 100 areas of operations. That’s the more powerful 100%.

What are the 30 things in your business that could be improved right now and over the next 30 days? Can’t make that list. Tick them off one day at a time. Start out with the focus and you’ll find them.

What can I improve today and focus on it for the whole day.
What’s the real issue what’s the results I’m aiming for.
What are the options.

You’ll do the ones that will make the real difference to your results in no time. Do one thing with excellence for one day and you’ll have it done sorted and ticking over.

We often get so caught up in the day to day of business that we don’t take time to work on the business rather then in the business. This is a hard thing to do for sure. So focus on just one thing a day and make it excellent 1% better then it was yesterday maybe all you need to get you over the line in the race that is competition.

Compound everyday a 1% improvement in your business over 30 days.


Take the time and invest in your business.

A bottleneck is a restriction in the flow of your business. It’s like a kink in your water hose. No matter how much you turn up the pressure the end result will still be the same and you may even blow the hose off the tap.

I’ll try to keep this real simple but the amount of information you can obtain from this one exercise is just beyond belief.

With pad and pen draw up a floor plan of your store.

  1. Then start a line from the first point of contact with your customer and only end the line with the order leaving the store. This line represent one order.

What’s happening in your store. In your busiest period does the store look any different?

  1. Now draw lines for all the orders in your busiest half hour in trade. How many orders are in the store at that time.

  2. Now draw lines for your goal half hour the number of customers you would love to be servicing in a half hour.

But the number of lines/orders that can enter through your store can only be your current capacity.

That requires you to take the time to find out what your current capacity really is.

Your ovens have a capacity this X pizzas per half hour you’ll only be able to do that many pies.

Your telephone system can only handle a certain number of callers then this is an issue. How long does it take to take an order over the phone?

How many delivery drives do you have?

Your coldroom/storage can only hold a certain amount of supplies.

You only prep a certain amount of toppings a day how much more would you need to process is your current equipment up to it.

This is the most valuable exercise you will do if you plan to grow your business or improve the way it operates today. When’s the best time to do it today.

There is nothing more frustrating in the pizza business then not being able to provide the same consistent levels of product and service. If you’re operating beyond the capacity of your store your business will go backwards. You’ll burn customers.

A customer will call your store for an order in your busiest half hour and your phone will be engaged or you won’t have the staff the make the pizzas, server at the counter or deliver it.

If you’re going to make a greater investment in your business how will this increase the real productive output of your store. Will a new oven really make a difference if you can’t get the orders through on the phones?

There is a real science to this style of considering operations. Planing and project for the productivity of the business. The number of pizzas you plan to make and the amount of raw product and labour you’ll to get them to your customer.

Its’ simple though. Look at your current operations track the number of pizzas you are selling iron out any existing bottlenecks and fine tune your business.

Re: Bottlenecks


When I read the first post in this thread, I though you were a spammer of some sort. In actuallity, your posts are quite wise. I hope everyone takes them to heart and inproves their business, thereby their lives with your advice. As far as bottlenecks go, I read a book called “The Goal” while in college, and can’t think of a better, easier to read book to reccomend to everyone here.

Thanks for your contributions!

Re: Bottlenecks

I agree with Paul…Thanks Opprtunity your posts were just what I needed today.