The think tank is priceless...

The wealth of knowledge we all share and get here on the think tank is priceless.

I just got back from a 3 hour course on facebook for business and had more knowledge than what was taught just by reading the facebook thread.


I have The Blackbook on my shelf but rarely look at it. I have found the friends here on Think Tank to be a better resource and more relevant than what is in the book and it is all FREE for the asking.

I made a HUGE mistake buying my store, but I stumbled across TT a couple months after and can honestly say I would not be in business today without it. My store is actually thriving right now when I should have been out after 6 months. Someday I’ll buy all the TT vets tickets for the Pizza Cruise as a “thank you”, I figure 2015.

Am I considered a “vet”. In age I more than qualify but if you do it don’t forget you have to fly me in from Oz :smiley:

I’m jealous of you aussies being that we are going into our winter and you are going into warm weather.

I would love to visit down under some day…maybe a pizza expo???


The good, the bad and the ugly is all here on Think Tank…And if you dig back through the archives you can find some great information from folks that who are no longer with us (Making pizzas in heaven) and bad ideas (so you do not make the same mistakes) from folks who just wanted to argue but did not make it in the business…

Most us alternate between grumpy, thoughtful, optimistic and cynical… depends on the day whether we are worth listening to!

Remember, all education is expensive and most advice is worth what you paid for it!

(looking forward to that cruise!)