Tonight I get a call from my manager that our POS is down; can’t print orders and the cash drawer won’t open. (No keying as someone broke the key off in the lock :evil: ) - reminder to get it fixed ASAP.
I go over to the shop and call up the helpline and find out the problem is with our internet carrier and not the POS company or the system. Call them up and get a message saying there is a queue of 55min - 1 hour 23 minutes so I hang up and start trying to find a solution.
My manager (a computer and gaming nerd) finds a code to put into the internet and up and running it goes, albeit not with online ordering as he has got it running with some subsidiary link, not the full one we use that carries online ordering. Don’t ask me to explain further - I’m like standing on the runway with F15’s flying straight over the top of my head :oops:
Anyway we can now take orders, print them and open the change drawer.
I’m always getting at the staff when they constantly talk “computer gaming” as it drives me crazy listening to them rabble on, but it ends up a valuable resource to have a “computer nerd” around when things like tonight happen. As for me I’m fairly literate with computers but when it comes to he deep end I can’t swim.
Guess it pays to have these nerds around and just roll along with their ramblings.

When I was running a papa johns as a store manager, I always took primary skills in to consideration when hiring. I had a graphics designer, network engineer, electrician, plumber, ac / refrigerator specialist, construction worker, mechancic, and some more helpful people as part time drivers. Saved a lot of money and headache that way

Dave… is this your way of asking for a Play Station III for your birthday??? :stuck_out_tongue:

DUDE! He’s Atari 2600 speed at best. Space Invaders and Asteroids will be rocket sciene to my most honorable, rotund, skin-pated friend. :slight_smile:

Dang Nick if he had a working 2600 he could sell it and buy a new PSIII, a Wii, an Xbox360 and a few dozen games and probably the hot geeksquad girl from the Bestbuy commercials to “help” him out!!! 8)

OK you two quit the jokes at my expense.
I own a Wii (never use it), was hopeless at Space Invaders and no idea of any of the cyber geek talk.
That’s why I have “nerds” working for me.
But I am an ace at Solitaire but fail miserably at Minefield and any other MS games on the computer.
More of an outdoor games sort of guy (NO COMMENTS FROM YOU MIKE :smiley: )

:twisted: O-BOMB-A hasn’t shut us up yet! YET!!! I will deliver your geeksquad girl for you if you like? 8)

How can you mention the 2600 and not mention “Canyon Bomber” or “Combat” ?

OK time to lock this thread.
Didn’t know we had some computer nerd gamers from way back here on the TT forum :lol:
Just hope Tom or George don’t chime in as silly as you guys or the TT will lose all credibility :roll:

Dave… the real story here is that if you had an original Atari 2600 it could be worth a small fortune. I saw a new in box with 4 games that sold last year for something like $12,000.00 to a gamer. I wish I had my old one still around. Mine was in no way great condition. The other thing I wish I had was my old Vectrex… I think that was spelled right. Looked like the original apple mac but was a screen with one controller. You had to put plastic colored sheets over the screen to give each game color. It was like the ultimate Atari replacement in the late 70’s or so but never took off. Got lost when the big boys started to make their newer systems. It’s all good!!!