The very picture of humility??

I didn’t think this would end up online, but here is my humility test:[/url] [i]<<<was [url=]>>>[/i]

I tried to insert it here, but it didn’t work. Anyone else have some rather humbling photos to share with the group? This was froma posing session that led to the full sized mural of me on our wall . . . it was worth the blushing.[/url] [i]<<< was [url=]>>>[/i]

lots of pics at

Awesome totally awesome!

I would slap the picture on all my stuff. Whoever did the murial did awesome. You look like the “typical” pizza man :smiley: I imagine kids will think it is cool to see the guy on the wall.
You should of put your wife there too though :wink:

Is the dining room open yet?

Gosh I bet you can’t wait to be done with ALL the construction…oh wait we are in the pizza biz we do construction forever too.


Great bunch of photo’s you have there. Man do you have some room to play with in you kitchen - drool.

Nice way you set up for the opening with the marquee etc.

Good to see Kim got in some of the pictures and they weren’t all of you :slight_smile: Man you like getting you mug on film don’t you. :stuck_out_tongue:

All round you have done a great job from the empty shell you started with. Props to you and Kim and all the guys who helped you through it.


I just gotta find the best way to configure it all with shelving and equipment so we can have better ‘vertical’ use of space. Not enough over-shelving for my taste yet.

Donated by a local guy for our use for the day. It makes a huge difference for events having a 20’x40’ covered space anywhere you want it. Beast to put up and take down when it’s hot, though.

Mug is fine, but all those belly shots :shock: Kim hides from the lens, and I have to shame her, literally, before she’ll let anyone take the pics. She was snuck up on a lot that day.

Land of “milk and honey” took a hit last week. The man who was project manager and chief talent in hanging all those walls and ceilings . … and our driver since day one . . . took a powder and didn’t show up for a week. Worked a Tuesday and had a blind date that night. No-showed Wednesday after we just had to fire a cook for no-showing twice in three days. Appeared Thursday for work after we had to scramble to cover his shift, and left him a voicemail that he should not come in. Disappeared from house and work for a week. Showed up tonight to give us his key and plug for cartop sign (thankful for that bit of integrity) and to get his $24 final check. Couldn’t come by our house during the day, half a mile from his. Had to come in on busy night at opening when we are two men down. Not thinking straight tonight. So, we lost a 19-yr old to friends and free life . . . and 53-yr old to alcohol, poor choices and who knows what else.

Know how you feel mate.

Been there, done that.

Just today (Friday) my manager in training phones me 15 minutes before his start time to say his car is broken down 50km across town. Got p#^sed off when I had a go at him about it. His car is always breaking down lately and he has been continually late, in particular this week.

Couldn’t understand when I told him even though it was his own time he shouldn’t gone that far knowing his car was unreliable and anticipated to breakdown when he knewhe had to be on deck at 1pm for the Friday night prep and roll out.

Lucky I was in the shop and ended up doing the roll out and other prep. Called my manager in early to help.

The kid didn’t like it when I gave him a formal warning about his time tardiness and attitude in general of late.

Didn’t have a comeback when I raised an episode in Wednesday night when he left right on time despite being 35 minutes late to start and taking his own pizzas off the conveyor and leaving 2 customers pizzas there. Said I thought he would have given 30 seconds of his time to do it when he took 35 minutes of my time. :evil:

Not having a good week staff wise. Ready to bite a head off soon.


Yo Nick,Pics were pretty kool,one thing I found you doing wrong!You were free handing your dang chse.on your pizza! Whats wrong w/ you?


I was wondering who would gig me for that :shock: It was a photo op, man. Actually, the scale has been acting up, so we have been free-handed shortly while I get a new pedal for it. I assure you I will not turn back to the dark side after seeing how much money it will save me.

It may take another week or two to afford the pedal, but we’ll get it in there. that, or we’ll order one of the hands free zeroing models new.

Duhhhhh… I didn’t know there were more pictures. I just saw the two. Man you do have a nice size kitchen. Definately room for the shelving.

As a fellow pizza lover your pizza looked awesome!

Thanks for the photos, fun to see it now.

love the colander lights nick. everything looks great you got a/c working yet? my wife wants to know if you have any ladies working there in the kitchen? she says you should make the guys were kilts!!!

Thank you. Built and installed 'em myself. :slight_smile:

AC has issues that installer is balking at. My attic-installed unit is condensing like an Autumn shower and dripping onto an area of 4 ceiling tiles, maybe 5. He has yet to go in to look at the unit after three weeks, and has now called to tell me I need to pay someone to install attic ventilation fans to solve the problem. I will climb into the attic again tomorrow with a camera and flashlight. If there is a definitive issue, then I will call him to advise he has 24 hours to send a man up, or I will find someone who will, and send him the invoice.

Can’t find a woman to work in our kitchen. they all want to work up front :cry: Actually, we have one experienced woman who may work part time in the kitchen. Until last week, we only had one woman besides the wife working for us.

We’ll consider the kilts when it COOLS OFF and the AC runs better.

Chef Ramsey/HellsKitchen mentioned on Jay Leno he prefers going commando due 2 the heat…Nick, he may have a point, kilts & all!

the links dont work for me?

I fixed the links. the picture galleries were moved since I posted. Sorry 'bout that.

got it, thanx! Great pics!