The word "organic" in a slogan?

I noticed Pizza Fusion’s little byline is “Fresh, organic and earth friendly”.

This same sentiment is on their boxes.

Their cheese is not organic and the cheese consists of something like 30% of the weight of the pizza… I am sure this does not constitute organic by any standards.

They might be able to get away with this:

"A third category, containing a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, can be labeled “made with organic ingredients”.

Is it OK to sort of throw around the word organic, as long as you don’t put it directly in association with a product?

As a marketer, I would advise you not to “throw around” the organic label unless you stand behind it in your products or are VERY clear about what is and isnt organic. You lose all credibility if you try to use a term just because it is trendy.

Any tme you use an FDA controlled food word in your marketing, it does carry some sort of risk. Some real ging-ho customer all about “organic” gets offended and asks the FDA to crawl into your life, and then things get interesting as someone tries to decide what is and is not falese advertising.

Just be specific and advertise that you use certified organic flour, for example. Or all organic vegetables. It gets the “organic” in there, and keeps it clear what you are advertising.

Remember that the slogan you mention does not say they use all organic foods. That little, subtle misdirection.