The World First Pellet Fired Pizza Oven (i think).. help?

what im planning to do (for now) is construct this around the burn pot in a pellet grill. directly above this 800F is no problem.
with these 2 boxes im hoping they will channel the heat enough to get to 750 top and bottom stones.
to exit the unit all the heat must pass over the top of the stone, so im hoping it will get to that temp.

any body have any ideas on my intakes/exhaust or anything for this project ?

thanks for any ideas ! :smiley:

hopefully i can post this link …

Just make sure you know what kind of wood is going into making those compressed wood pellets. You certainly don’t want any pine in them. Our neighbor, Kansas State University has done a significant amount of work through their forestry department on developing trees that are fast enough growing to be farmed for use in making wood pellets as a source of renewable energy. While this work has been focused on btu generation, I would also question the flavor impact of the smoke that is generated. Once in Mexico I had a pizza that was baked in an oven where they were using cardboard as the oven fuel, and all of the pizzas baked in that oven actually tasted like cardboard. Another time I had a pizza from an oven where they were burning salvaged wood crates. I think much of that wood might have been southern yellow pine, it sure looked like it, and the pizzas tasted more like a pine board than anything I’ve had since then. And on yet another occasion, I had pizza from an oven that was fired with a diesel fuel burner, kinda looked a bit like an oversize leaf blower that was stuck in the oven periodically to maintain the temperature, and all of those pizzas tasted just like they were baked over a diesel stack. Yummy! So, ya gotta be careful of what yer burnin’ in those pellets.
By the way, I can direct you to lumber mills in both Arkansas and Minnesots that process only hard woods, mostly red and white oak, that have more than an abundance of coarse hardwood saw dust that is just begging to be processed into hardwood pellets. Cut me in for a 15% finder’s fee if you will please.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom, good to see your reply.
I have been playing around with your dough calculator over at, and now i can personally thank you for your recipe :smiley:

the pellets i get are for BBQ, which are mainly oak or alder as 75% along with 25% hickory /walnut/ a bunch of other choices. im not looking to start pressing pellets :lol:

i know people are interested in portable pizza ovens, this would be very portable and could run off a car battery if needed. I want a hearth oven , but they are pricey. this just seemed like a good idea to try out .

Hi Sear:

I have been in the equipment business since 1952 and I have not seen much in the line of home made equipment. In view of that I cannot speak from experience.

I would think that in order to use your oven you will have to get it NSF certified or get your local health department to judge it in compliance with NSF standards. You probably will have to get your building department to accept your unit without UL or ETL certification. Your fire Marshall will be looking for NFPA certification. Your Insurance company will have something to say if you do not have all the above certifications.

You may intend to apply for all those certifications but they are expensive to obtain.

I would suggest you check with all those jurisdictions before you proceed.

Good luck
George Mills

thanks for the advice, but im not even close to worrying about that stuff.
all i want it to do is cook an awesome pizza, if i have to burn down a couple near by structures well… its all in the name of pizza :lol:

seriously tho, it will be safe. i am looking for more of the concept/building suggestions. it will just be for outdoor home use really. do you have any words of wisdom about the design ?
or if any one else thinks its a good or bad idea?

Thanks again :wink:

here is a better idea of what it will look like

By the time you get this pellet-cooker figured out, I feel you would be farther ahead by just purchasing a 40" diameter wood-fired oven from Forno-Bravo. You can get an oven for less than $3K that can handle 3-4 pies at a time. (1-2 minute cook time at 750 degrees)

Some places in the country will require ANSI/UL/NSF listings for commercial use,(MN comes to mind) Forno-Bravo does have properly listed commercial wood-fired ovens available too, but they will run you a bit more.

Fuel pellets, Mr. Lehmann nailed it, not all pellets are created equal. the ones primarily used for heating are from conifers (but so is Kingsford Charcoal along with added lignite coal and a host of other additives that I do not care to cook over), the pellets made for cooking are from a hardwood mix. All woods create the same amount of BTU’S per ounce, but the quality and flavor of the smoke is where it matters.

As for cooking with pallets and crates, Imagine all the insecticides and anti-fungal chemicals those crates were treated with, Nice Huh?