The world's stinkiest fruit

Hey, pizza folks, have any of you ever used durian on a pizza? This is a very popular fruit in China and other parts of Asia, but it’s also very controversial - it has a strong and, let’s say, distinctive odor (many say “stench”), and most people either love it or hate it. Has anyone here ever tried to get their hands on some durian? It’s rumored to be illegal in the U.S., but that’s apparently not true. However, it seems to be very difficult to obtain.

if you have a H Mart in your area they prob sell them. The one by me does…never been brave enough to try it though!

Pair that up with some gorgonzola and limburger, and see what you get!

I Imagine something so heinous, that you’d be mopping up barf off the walls.

Thanks, tguag. I’ve never even heard of H Mart. Will have to check that out.

And GotRocks, let’s hope that it’s not quite that bad. Two of our PMQ staff members tried durian on a pizza while in China a few months ago. Sure as shootin’, one of them said it was great and one of them said it was awful. I haven’t tried it myself. I’m game for anything, but it’s not on my bucket list, that’s for sure.