Theft by staff using "pizza box" button on POS ?

I just uncovered several staff member using my “pizza box” button to sell whole pies and keep the money. I have this button for dine in guests who cannot finish or order more pizza than they needed and then decide to take them. I used to serve all dine in in boxes but box expense and massive amounts of trash made me switch to this system…Anyone have advice or tactics to reduce / control this, Cooks reduced ingredients on pies so inventory showed minor diferences. Thanks.

Don’t charge your dine in guests for a box. You’re saving that money when they don’t need one you’re likely saving money between different sizes. For example, they order a large but only need a small box for left overs. It seems like nickel and diming your customers to me

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Roy , can you explain this scheme a little more clear?

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I doubt he is charging for them. He is just using the POS to track box inventory.

If that’s the case, I apologize. I misinterpreted it.

Id probably just eliminate tracking the boxes to help prevent that theft ever again

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Not sure if serious. You mean if you don’t see someone stealing they aren’t stealing?

Fire everyone involved.

I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying. Eliminate the Box button in the POS. That is giving the employees an avenue to ring up a box for $1?, Free? , 50cents? If the OP is afraid of employees ringing up a box instead of a full pizza and pocketing cash, the button is doing more harm than good. I don’t see how this box tracking would be beneficial unless you are counting all of your boxes every single day and comparing it to all of your item sales. Even at that, the time wasted to do so could be better spent elsewhere.

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“This box tracking” is also known as inventory control. This thread wouldn’t exist without it.

You don’t count inventory and compare your actual usage with what your POS says your ideal usage should have been?

You’re missing the point of the original post. His staff was using a box button to sell whole pies and pocketing the difference. Obviously your dough inventory is going to then be off from what your sales state, rather than the boxes. Your boxes would still lineup with what the sales stated…

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How much money are we talking?

Get rid of the button it sounds like you are losing more money than you are saving by charging for a pizza box. Plus don’t nickel and dime your customers.

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I try to see the logic behind this button but other than either charging for the box or tracking inventory or both, it doesn’t really make sense to me. If you don’t use it to initially notify the kitchen that a dine-in order has a pizza to-go, I fail to see the point in this. The price for the pizza includes the box to begin with so why don’t just give it to them when they need it? Do you also ring up take-out containers for leftover dine-in food that your customers want to take home with them?
If you could provide a little more information so we could all have a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve by doing this, then maybe you’d get a lot more suggestions instead of just assumptions.

I have a pizza box button but the reason is I regularly get people who want a box for shipping or gift wrapping. I would put more trust in a dough inventory than a box count.

seems to me that you have a few bad eggs…nothing gets made with out a ticket or you are fired…problem solved

No. Waste of time.

We do it from time to time with cheese to address portion control but counting boxes? No way.

Your focus should be:

  1. Why your employees are stealing.
  2. What you are going to do about the ones you catch.

Address those two things and your problems will be much less.

Refining your method for catching them in a way that adds busy work and still will never be perfect is not the way to go.

Thanks to all for the tips and ideas, sorry for the delay , but I did manage to clean house and now training new staff (praying that they are more ethical / honest); to clarify box is free , I use it for “inventory control”, from what I was able to research they did skimp on dough and apparently purchased cheese on their own (and also “reduced” the portion so inventory would appear correct). And they were printing tickets with a parmesean cheese or crushed pepper packet, so everything “looked” normal, I ended up doing a weekly calculation in excel using dough balls, cheese, boxes x avg price and trying to see if numbers are "close’, I hope this help someone else to stop the bleeding in the shortest time possible…I guess it isn’t if it is when, someone is going to try to steal

Quite a devious and inventive bunch you had there…

Do you have security cameras that record?