How do you stop theft?I have tried everything.Damn empolyees.

Pretty broad…what kind of theft? Booze? Money? Food?

Both…I know they write orders down and not put them in the pos.I count the skins everyday and im missing around 5 to 10 a day.They say that they burned them.dropped them.cancelled orders.ect…I do have 2 cameras.but somedays its all fuzzy for a few hours.I ask and they dont know nothing about it or why it would be like that…Its just drives me crazy try to get this to end…

Go in sometime after hours when everyone is gone and put a couple more up, only hidden ones. Don’t tell anyone they are there, and if you can “hide” them on your monitor, do that as well. The DVR I used we just named them something random and then set them to where only certain people could pull them up and look at them.

Other thing to try, change up your scheduling to see if you can narrow it down to a person or two. If its the whole staff, i guess start firing people one at a time to put the fear of god into them until it stops.

The first thing that scares me is, if you’re missing that many skins, and you KNOW you are. What are you not seeing? The quick, don’t really know your situation, answer is if your line is dropping, making up in error or whatever their excuse is for the missing doughs…you don’t have the right crew working for you yet. It may come down to the fact that YOU need to be in the kitchen. If they still drop, still load wrong etc. then you have a real problem. If they don’t, well, then you have a real problem too it would seem, just a different one.

And, if someone was messing with my security cameras even as a joke or whatever…they’d be gone. There would be no way to have the others misunderstand that message. It’s late at night, and I’ve been at work too long, but it sure seems to me on the first read that you’re running way too loose of a ship.

If there is a mistake, they need to put the dough in the walk in so it can be verified by you/manager when you do the counts.

If it is not kept, they pay for it.

Mistakes do happen, but they can’t be rewarded by being allowed to eat the product.

My brother is one of my managers and my other manager has worked with me for 6 years and we still do daily dough counts. Every piece should be accounted for.

You are just giving money away if you allow this to continue. Send it my way if you have too much!

Tell them you’re opening a new shop and have them train a new crew. Then fire them.

What about missing cheese or boxes?..If you do a cheese and box inventory at the beginning and end of each shift, it may help…Assuming you are weighing cheese…

Royster is right. Count boxes rather than dough. Too many legitimate reasons the dough count might be off.

When you think you know who it is fire them. Don’t bother with talking about why. I suspect that if you are correct about the stealing, you will end up having to fire the manager.

Also, stop into the store at odd times. If this is going on as you think, you will find unlabeled boxes once in a while.

Last, be prepared to be wrong. Keep your suspicions to yourself while you check things out.

Thanks everyone… Im starting to get it in order.Fired one and everyone is getting nervous.I just cant be there 24/7.The skin count is coming in order now humm.Over 21 years I have not seen it this bad.Thank god he was only with me me for 8 months.Wow I just wonder how much I have lost.Thanks again

Good for you Dash! As tough as it is to fire someone…you made a decision to make your business better and that’s all we do day in and day out. I’d suspect the rest of the crew knew what was going on…and they CERTAINLY know now! I’ll bet you’ll be seeing things tighten up considerably in the coming weeks. Don’t let your guard down however. Let them know you’re on to them.

I agree, if you are absent, the others know about it. Do you have a grill with subs, etc? How much of that is missing?


Just put more cameras!!