Sorry bud. It’s gotta happen. It’s tough, I know. I had to fire my best friend for something similar. Friendship is friendship… business is business. Ask youself this: If it was somebody you DIDN’T like, would you fire him? Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

Pizzaguy - I have fired quite a few people (and suppliers for that matter). It pretty much always sucks. In retrospect, it all looks better, and on paper(or forums) advise like this is easy to give out. We aren’t in your shoes looking at some poor kid who has family problems that led him to steal/cheat/lie to you.

Looking back over the years though I can say for sure that my biggest problems didn’t some from the people I fired. They come from the ones I should have fired, but didn’t.

I could not agree with Chris any more! My biggest problems came from the ones I should have fired long before as well. I can’t stand firing people but it is just one of those things you have to do.

It is not easy to find staff let alone good staff here in King Ralph’s domain but you will be much better off without him. I would rather run short staffed than have one bad apple spoil the whole barrel.

I had to do the same thing you are going through but my employee was stealing from the other staff. It was obvious who the thief was but she was never caught red handed until I set her up. Looking back I should have let her go when she started “stealing” time from me ( taking long breaks, going to the washroom to text her friends. etc.)

The longer you wait the harder it is because the rest of the staff know what is going down and start thinking if it’s OK for them why not for me.

Good Luck

Ya I hear ya but actually I dont really like him I just feel sorry for him But to bad he is gone on friday

Good move, hey just think, this time next month you’ll be up 1400 over last month. :slight_smile: