Hey guys,

I’m just curious and maybe this could be a fun thread. What are some of your themes for your stores? Please list if you a del/co and/or dining room and what made you decide the theme you currently have. Where did you get your decor? Have you changed themes or has it always been the same idea?


our store was once quite successfull, but after being sold several times, the name/business was shot…

we took over & renamed it Golden Knights Pizza (old skool name/mascot@ UCF) & we’ve renamed the classic pizzas with medieval names…

next step is we’re adding “smothered” subs and calling them “Trenchers”, a form of bread/plate used in days gone by…

decors is still a work in process…swords/shields/football motiff…still a DelCo w/a few seats, but looking to expand nextdoor…

We have a dining room. The walls are covered with pictures of customers holding our boxes in unique locations, usually somewhere they went on vacation.

my ife works in the music industry and she has a bunch of plaques and gold records that we hang up, it may me a little narcisit but we have pictures of all the singers we have met.

My place started in an old gas station (formerly Pumphouse Pizza but I renamed it Annie’s Pizza Station when I bought the business) and when we moved to the end of a strip mall, it had also formerly served as a gas station! We have pizzas with names like Unleaded, Diesel, Supreme, Regular, Pedro’s Premium and Persian Pipeline, etc. I have a couple of gumball machines that look like old fashioned gas pumps (made with plastic tho) and lots of repro vintage tin gas station signs on the walls. I also have a big Pegasus sign that might have actually come from a real gas station but most of that stuff is pretty pricey so I stick with repro. We also have some framed gas station photos (the former buildings) and a commercial gas station photo from the 1950s. However, it’s starting to take on an Applebee’s neighborhood appearance with posters from two community events that provide yearly framed posters.
Outside we have a little yard for an eating area, and one year I got the “brainy” idea to make plywood cutout painted cars and gas pumps for a fence. It was a bigger project than I ever dreamed and took a couple years to paint, and another few years until I convinced someone to install them, but there they are (peeling paint and all because it turned out that some of my plywood or paint was crummy). People like to take pictures of themselves looking out the windows of the cars in my fence. If I had to do that over again, I wouldn’t but it was fun at the time. One of these days I’ll post photos but that’s a detail I haven’t mastered yet. Here’s my Facebook page with some photos in there. … 3367?ref=s

Over the last 10 years or so I have sponsored 4 ball teams each year. The plaques with the team photos on them are all over my walls now. Everyone loves to look at them to see if they can find a familiar face.

I’m in that “development” stage and hope to be up and running by August 2009 in time to handle our local “after the football game” crowds. No “theme” as of yet, we’re planning on a simple del/co at first, but may add in a few tables for a “self-service” bit of inside dining. That will all depend on the location I end up with, 1 we’re looking at will handle that, the other wouldn’t leave room for much other than a pick up counter.

I like “Indie’s” idea of “Where in the world…” photos for the wall though. I can see folks getting involved with that idea and loving to have their photo up.


^^^ I’m guessing you have a bunch of pirate swords and old guns and hats on the walls? but hey, just a guess lol :lol:

My dining room as a few shelves with those fat porcelain cooks holding wine bottles… and a few other “wine” items. Not much to look at. We have a bunch of new video games coming in on Monday, I’m figuring that will give us more of a sit-down crowd so we can sell more deserts.

Here a site that has some light hearted pirate stuff you might like. They also have bacon band-aids and other corny stuff


My place is themed like a jungle base camp. I have some murals of jungle scenes with my logo monkey, and then some thatch awnings and bamboo here and there also.