There is a pizza museum trying to get funding on the crowd

I came across this today: Pizza Brain: The World’s First Pizza Museum & Restaurant

If you aren’t familiar with kick starter, it is a crowd sourcing web site that helps people get various things funded with unconventional funding. It is actually kind of difficult to get a project on there, so this guy must have done his homework.

I do think some of us here could give him a run for the money on this though:

Brian James Dwyer is a Philadelphia-based creative person.

His most notable achievement to date was setting a Guinness World Record for having ‘the largest collection of pizza related items’ on the planet.

I just read an article about a company that is trying to self fund 30 openings on the same day for a coffee/sandwhich type operation on college campuses. They are selling member/owner certificates for $50 each and once they hit their dollar goal for each store they will set up lease and management for each location and open all at once. Also give members discounts and for member that bring new sales ideas that take off…they will have profit sharing on the table. I am curious to see how this works out. I also did buy a share! :mrgreen: