Thermal Paper & Labels

I’ve discovered a company that sells both thermal paper rolls (3 1/8") and pizza labels (4.25" x 1.75") at the best prices I’ve come across. They are at

Pizza labels works out to be .0095/each - that’s 940 labels/roll on 12 rolls.
Thermal paper works out to be .0037/ft - that’s 308’/roll on 50 rolls.

Thought I’d share. If you’ve got better pricing, let me know! for thermal paper. they always have a coupon code under their specials for 5% off. .00354/ft for 3 1/8 X 230feet. Free shipping. for thermal labels. I order huge quantities so your pricing will likely vary but .00736/label plus shipping roll of 1000. Contact Jon Mitchell at 1-800-726-7334 ext 309. also sometimes puts a 10% code in the pizzadek book that gets mailed out.


What are the dimensions you use for labels? I don’t see my “oddball” label size listed on their site.

4.25 X 1.75 for a Cognitive Blaster. They didn’t carry these and they started manufacturing them for me. I’m buying for 4 stores so I’m sure they will be happy to do the same for your three stores. Call Jon and he’ll know what they’re making for me. I can send you a roll if you need to make sure it is the same as what you get now. They probably don’t have one as they send me the entire lot I believe.

Thermal labels about 0.007 cents a peice…comes in a box of 8440 or whatever size you want.

Dale, what company do you get those from? Does that price include shipping?

It is almost like a back alley deal - lol

Not really but I do not know the name of the company or if they even have a website. My contact is Jim Egan ( and I have his phone number which I will pass along through PM if someone wants it.

I was buying direct with shipping included and that was my price - I did have to buy 40+ cases at a time, but with multiple stores and a deal I worked out to pay for 6 cases a month it worked well.

I recently married my label guy to my distributor so I did not have to stock so many any more. My cost is a little higher now for that convenience.

That’s who I USED to order from… I’m sure I asked him about buying in bulk in the past. I’ll call him on Monday and see if I can get better pricing with bigger volume.

The search has come full circle.

The Egans at Pizza Forms & Systems didn’t want to offer much of any discount for ordering volume. Oh well.

Label match with shipping would be under 9 cents for 12 cases, 8 cents for 18 cases and under 8 for 24 cases. We have a winner! Thanks Paul.