Thermostat help please

Hi Everyone!

I need your help. I have an old deck oven. I BELIEVE that it is a Vulcan, but am unable to find any markings. It has dual thermostats and one is out. I need to replace it. I have the serial number but am unsure where to look for the part.

Also, the thermostat on the other side is working. However, I cannot get the burner to light on that side either. Does the thermostat on one side effect the thermostat on the other? I have the pilots lit on both sides, FYI.

I would certainly appreciate any assistance. We lost the oven for all of Friday, and it is down until we can remedy the situation. That means we are closed until this is fixed. We had a repair guy come out but was clueless. Nobody in our area does that type of repair. There is someone 100 miles away that will come out. I would like to have the parts that he needs when he arrives to expedite the process.


you can call these guys they are in Ohio but can ship it out to you!
Commercial Parts and Service
5033 Transamerica Drive
Columbus, OH 43228
(800) 837-8327

They have been great when I have problems and usually have the items in stock.

sorry i didn’t see this earlier, does your pilot light stay lit??? and is there a little chrome looking thing connected to a copper wire(thermocoupler) that sits next to or directly in the flame of the pilot light?? if it has a thermocoupler one think we have found when they start to fail is to take a blowtorch and hold it on the thermocoupler till it is red. then turn the oven on, this fools it into thinking the oven is hot enough and allows the burners to light. we have had to do this daily sometimes while waiting for parts to show up (living in alaska has it drawbacks).